Sales Staff Recruitment Services

The Smartest Way to Build or expand your Sales Force

Your sales force – How you want it, when you want it and for how long you want it

Retail Marketing offers you the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to your salesforce needs. Whether you are building a new salesforce or supplementing an existing one, we are like a light switch that you can turn on (and off) as needed. We will ramp up to your specifications to perfectly suit your needs, and then let us go to work for you. You can modify the plan at any time or even terminate the project with little notice — but our good work drives results for our clients, which generates project renewals and, in many cases, long-term relationships with our satisfied clients.

Retail Maketings in-house recruitment team is particularly specialised in hiring business development, sales and the initial management team members for organisations setting up for the first time. The team delivers most of its recruitment activity via headhunting.

We identify local talent with the right balance of local knowledge and know how, with the ability of working effectively remotely within a multi-cultural business.

Our recruitment services include

  • Management of the search, interview, shortlist and appointment process
  • Staff recruitment background checks (criminal, reputation and education)
  • Industry benchmarking on salaries, benefits, healthcare and insurance
  • Issuance of offer letter and employment agreements
  • Provision of employment contracts

Our services combine initial recruitment with ongoing HR management support taking away the compliance and administrative burden from our clients.

Full Sales Staff Recruitment Support

Retail Marketing delivers local HR support to ensure adherence to local HR requirements, the implementation of best practice and high levels of ongoing employee productivity, satisfaction and retention. We are engaged both at the start of the market entry journey but to help embed discipline into existing organisations.
Our team have extensive experience both in large and small organisations from a range of sectors.

Our HR Advisory services include:

  • Employment laws and statutory labor compliance
  • Compliance for an employment entry/exit process
  • HR policies and handbooks
  • Development of privacy and data protection procedures
  • Competency framework, staff and leadership training & development
  • Organisational structuring, re-structuring and change management
  • Cultural training (locally and internationally)
  • International assignment, expatriation and repatriation

Our Employee Relations services include:

  • Employee compensation assessments
  • Drafting of working terms and conditions
  • Development / localization of company policies and procedures
  • Performance management and recognition processes
  • Grievance and appeals process
  • Maintenance of HR records and document management and reporting

Our HR Operations services include:

  • Management of ongoing HR & employment formalities
  • On-boarding formalities and HR induction
  • Drafting and provision of employee handbooks, staff policies and company guidelines
  • Setting-up of health/life insurance benefits and the management of any claims
  • Managing the probation period end and confirmation

Vacancy Management Services

There is no question that a vacancy — whether temporary or permanent — exposes a vulnerability to your firm given the highly competitive nature of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Trying to cover for a vacancy by shuffling existing resources can create potential coverage issues elsewhere.

With Vanguard’s vacancy-management service, we can proactively and cost-effectively provide the coverage you need, when and where you need it.

Here are the advantages of employing Vanguard’s vacancy management service:

  • Experience no gaps in sales coverage!
  • A national strategy means that upcoming vacancies are managed proactively and can be filled quickly with advance notice.
  • Cost-effective — Vanguard uniquely has no up-front recruiting fee to source the right candidate for you and monthly service fees are modest.
  • Vanguard takes care of the details of on-boarding the representative, HR orientation, integration with sales operations, etc.
  • The representative can be “absorbed” into your salesforce at any time upon request — the popular “try before you buy” model.