Retail Distribution

  • Retail Marketing drive growth with a voice heard by retailers, selling your brand with commitment; consistency and reliability.
  • We can only be successful and profitable if we make you and your brand successful and profitable. Retail distribution is the ultimate in symbiotic relationships, and should result in a win-win-win for supplier; distributor and retailer.
  • One of the most important features of a distributor’s job is to propel sales by partnering with the right brands and getting them into the right retail locations for profitable growth.
  • We work with some of the largest retailers in Pune, and communicate regularly with all of our Principles to get updates on their priorities.
  • Market insight and analytics help inform our view, as well as a feet-on-the-ground approach in a variety of multiples. 
  • Our extensive network provides suppliers with the kind of contacts that it would take years to build. We have credibility with retailersbecause we research their markets, and are conscious of their requirements.
  • This gives us a strong voice at retail, supported by our investment and ability to scale as needed. We understand our customers and once we get behind a product we’ll optimise it in every way possible.
  • Our experienced in–house team work with brands and retailers to define and deliver solid trade marketing strategy. We tailor the approach to extract the information your brand needs for growth.
  • We appreciate the commitment from manufacturers passionate about their product and will ensure your brand gets the best representation in the retail sector.