Food & Beverage Brand Promotions Agency

IPA analysis shows that BTL (Below the Line) promotion or brand activation is positively affecting the food and beverage industry. Right from increasing brand awareness in market to ensuring the sales this has become very necessary .therefore every industry in this sector needs to collaborate with food and beverage brand promotion agency to ensure its success. Best brand promotion agency plans a strategy which is able to deliver measurable result along with focusing on ROI (Return on Investment).

Brand activation might be a new term but it’s a part of marketing. 

Brand activation involves

  • Consumer promotions
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Sampling campaigns
  • Digital campaigns

BTL marketing refers to below the line marketing which comprises the marketing strategy where promotion occurs via non-traditional channels. Traditional mediums of promoting include radio movie print formats billboards television. On contrary BTL marketing is different from traditional one as it aims to reach people directly.

BTL marketing occurs via mediums like

  • emails ads that appear on search engine
  • catalogues
  • trade shows

 This is economical so it’s more favoured. Being economical it is target oriented too so it’s more favourable for smaller or medium business. So one can find a below the line marketing agency even if has a small marketing budget.

Methods of brand activation

Brand promotion agencies concentrate on overall marketing approach. They too modify the strategies so that it suits the market and all this happens before rolling out. Brand Promotion agencies have experts who get the best of return on investment. 

Effect of brand Activation

  • Increases sales
  • Brand awarenes

    Brand managers and marketers couldn’t rely upon traditional marketing techniques to generate high quality leads. In fact in this tough competitive market with changing policies of government and evolving taste of consumer it is very necessary to reach to every target audience irrespective of location. So setting up stalls in company premises could attract them along with it we can promote them in high rush zone like canteen, exit and entry points of it park, bank, business hub. Here we could also distribute leaflets flyers or mini brochure related to our product and services. We can also mail them as corporates are more active on e-mail.

    Promotion of some products require young crowd as target audience. Hence it’s often wise to promote them at school and colleges for effective advertising. Hence to harness youth demographics school and college activation is necessary

    So to achieve it  

    School and College activationCorporate office Activation
    • Using Stickers
    • Hanging Posters
    • Distributing Leaflets
    • Organising educational programs
  • Brand switching
  • Brand loyalty

Benefits of in shop Activation are:

  • Helps to find new customers
  • Reaffirms the relationship with existing customers
  • Promotes shop opening
  • Promote sales
  • Engages customers with brands on social media
  • Helps in Gathering first-hand insight of customer
    1. Product launches

    This is the next step of brand activation. If you have developed a killer product which really could change world but first you need consumers to buy it. It is the time where brand promotion agency role come to action. Which frame strategies tried and tested for spreading your product reach to maximum?

    Some crucial point you must remember before any product launch

    • Adopting a strategy
    • Targeting major media channels
    • Use of brand ambassadors
    • Using pre-launch Videos to generate leads
    • Using Technologies For engagements (Webinars)

               3 Product Demonstrations

    Product demonstrations refer to offering product samples to the potential buyers in order to get them purchased those products. It could be new product or modified version of the existing products. The main aim of this brand activation technique is to get the product liked by the consumers and make its sales faster. It could occur through virtually or personally.

    Main advantages of product demonstrations are

    • Leads to faster conversions
    • Helps in improving brand image
    • Increases integration with customers
    • Product insight

Human Banner

Human banner is very expressive and powerful technique. It is able to drive new customers. With creative look walker model people get attracted more. It not only drives sales but also helps in creating brand awareness.

Some important points should be kept into mind before planning for human banner campaign

  • Attention seeking slogan or image
  • Site where target audience is available
  • Engaging Strategy for crowd
  • Inducing them to purchase
  1. Trade Show Activation

How would you be remembered after a long trade show it’s quite difficult unless you provide an immersive customer experience? It is what customer will keep in mind even after the trade show.


There are many techniques which you can include in so that the goal is easily achieved such as

  • Creating a public or private booth or theatre
  • Developing an augmented or virtual reality experience
  • Gamification for consumer attraction and engagement
  • Connecting with customers through social media for further contact
  1. Rural Area Activation

We know that 70% of India’s population resides in rural if one needs to root its brand in India it should head towards rural area first reaching the grassroots of India. Reaching there one must establish strategic connections with the public there.

Some important spectrum of rural area activation is

  • Retail merchandising
  • Mandi Activation
  • Road shows
  • Mela promotion
  • Van operations
  • Brand visibility

We know that performing all above by a company alone is much difficult task so we as an expert brand promoting agency are with you .We will assist you with in store as well as out store activation, product launches demonstration and sampling, by suggesting ideas strategies management we assure society, corporate, youth and rural activation, staffing planning city permits for human banner trade shows activation, production logistics And reporting. That’s how we designee everything for you so that your brand keep on growing.