Without sales there is no revenue. Without revenue you have no business. It is just that simple.


What is a Strategic sales plan?

A strategic sales plan maps out the who, what, when, where, why, and how you will achieve sales. Development of a strategic sales plan addresses these issues:

  • Definition of products/services to be provided
  • Sales objectives quantified as revenue growth and profitability
  • Pricing matrix
  • Sales and distribution channel
  • Realistic sales forecasts
  • Typical sales cycles and the sequence of sales stages within the cycle
  • Mapping of individual territories by sales rep, region, etc.
  • Measurement criteria and targets for sales reps and customer service
  • Levels of responsibility and accountability

How We Can Help

Strategis Consulting can assist you to:
  1. Develop a strategic sales plan
  2. Provide sales training for your personnel, whether they are field, counter, telephone sales reps, or customer service staff.
  3. Ramp up your sales lead generation and conversion, using effective online and off-line marketing.

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Benchmark of an Effective Sales Plan

  • Aligns with strategic business development plan
  • Actionable by sales reps, customer service and other personnel
  • Focuses on high profit, sustainable markets that promote deeper penetration into existing markets and expansion into new markets
  • Describes new product, service or other market opportunities and how these will be introduced to the marketplace
  • Establishes measureable milestones for the sales division and for sales staff
  • Provides an appropriate level of detail; sufficient to guide the sales team, but not so much that it overwhelms or unnecessarily restricts deal-making at the customer level
  • Outlines what periodic reports are required for measurement