Shanaya Masale lets loose the natural aura and luscious aroma of the masala through powders that gives explosive touch to the dishes. Shanaya Masale powders are a pleasure to add to every meal from the trademark Hyderabadi Biryani Masala to Chicken Masala to red hot Garam Masala .
So cook, mix and enjoy with Shanaya Masala powders which are available in pouches, are handy and convenient to use.

Powdered Spices

Imagine a typical Puneri breakfast with Sambar-drenched wadas or a authentic Puneri meal creating the eternal banquet.
With Shanaya Masale it’s always time to sprinkle the flavoursome and fascinating aroma of edible powders and make the taste catching and imperative.

Breakfast And Snacks

Most of us start our day with a balanced and healthy breakfast. Right from South Indian snacks to Maharashtrian staples to Continental options.
Thinking about Puneri beakfast first thing that will strike your mind will be the Puneri Misal Pav or munching on some evening snacks like pani puri or kachchi dabeli.
Try out the wide range of Shanaya Breakfast and Snacks Masalas which will leave you finger licking.