Shanaya Mutton Masala

Tasty, tender, juicy and sensational! If these words are enough to get you slobbering or salivating, then this Mutton Curry is definitely going to take you to seventh heaven.
Known as curry in the west ‘curry’,is taken from ’Khari’ a South Indian word, a dish which accentuates and brings together the rich flavours of genuine spices, such as; fenugreek, cumin, coriander, turmeric and red pepper and assembles those dense flavours into the meat and corresponding gravy.
Buying meat can be really tricky .Lamb meat or goat meat .Meat from younger ones are more tender than older ones .Meat of a sheep / goat less than a year old is pale pink or pale red , whereas meat of the ones more than a year old is deep red – the meat is tough. You know in comparison of adult animal and younger ones the adult has more fats than the younger ones .Compared to chicken, mutton is better.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Kilogram
BrandShanaya Masale
Masala TypeShanaya Mutton Masala
Packaging Size50g
Shelf Life12 Months


Coriander ,Chilli ,Common Salt ,Cumin ,Fennel ,Lichen ,Cassia Bark (taj) ,Star Anise ,Black Cardamon ,Black Pepper ,Bey Leaf ,Caraway ,Triphala ,Clove ,Refined Oil.

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