Dedicated Sales Team

Your Sales Force is one of the most effective Channels for Customer Engagement,

We help midsized manufacturers identify, attract, engage and drive sales opportunities with ideal-fit customers.

If you have a need for a dedicated sales team,  Retail Marketing will customize a tailor-made solution for you and very effectively fill that need.

Here are the hallmarks of our approach:

  • We specifically contract sales representatives and managers who have the qualifications and experience that you need.
  • Your sales team will be profiled to ensure that it fits the needs of the program and fits with your company culture.
  • A comprehensive support team will be established that understands your business needs, working style and sales goals.
  • The whole executional effort will cost significantly less than doing the same on your own.

Any business situation may present the need for a dedicated sales team, including:

  • A product launch for which you want supplementary sales support.
  • A regional competitive advantage has surfaced that you want to optimally leverage.
  • An internal product portfolio management.
  • A mature brand that retains promotional responsiveness but no longer has the priority for internal promotion.
  • Primary care or specialty teams.
  • Office-based  or location-based selling teams.
  • GT And MT Sales Team
  • Institutional Sales Team

A Great strategy needs great People to Implement it