Business Channel Development

Accelerate Your Business Plan Today.

  • Sales is at the core of our business and we are very good at it. Our Sales Team have many years of experience drawn from  FMCG companies and entrepreneurial backgrounds. They are dedicated to your success and will use their wide network of connections to deliver your brand goals.
  • Our reputation for presenting well thought out, quality product propositions means doors are open to us that may be closed to unknown brands.
  • We work across many brands and categories which works to your benefit. It allows us to take advantage of ad hoc opportunities as they arise and achieve more face-time with buyers. We can also draw on experiences cross-category to maximise all avenues available.
  • Each of our clients has a dedicated Account Lead and a dedicated Customer Service Liaison Manager. We take pride in our high levels of customer service and would be happy to supply references to support this.