Appointing Distributor

  • our strong marketing, sales, supply chain management and capabilities appointing distribution network in Maharashtra, we are confident we can make your product launch and infusion a success. Our experience and expertise will guide the acceleration of your growth in Maharashtra.
  • we promote a strong sales and entrepreneurial culture. Each sales staff and area manager are given specific targets as well as the tools needed to drive and generate sales effectively.
  • Our sales team are young and ambitious and we have very strong relationships with our direct customers .
  • We work with you to increase your understanding of the local market. Sometimes your product offering may require very small tweaks to become a massive success. Paying attention to the hints will put you one step ahead of the competition.

first step would be a comprehensive market research. We can provide this to you free of charge as a goodwill gesture. From here we should establish things such as:market awareness of your brand,competitors already in the market,the market potential of your product offering,realistic pricing strategies and price points, andany risks or hurdles.Wholesaler

  • Once our agreement has been signed, we will immediately commence marketing of your products as well as establishing a sales incentive plan and sales strategy with our manager and sales people in order to drive the maximum exposure and uptake of your products by our retail and wholesale customers.