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Not just Offline FMCGs Store but online retail players are also looking beyond conventional trade channels to boost revenues while gaining entry in the HoReCa segment. In the recent years, hospitality industry, also known as HoReCa industry is one of the fastest growing markets across the world. B2B wholesale giants such as Metro Cash and Carry and Walmart are increasingly becoming part of the FMCG supply chain owing to their reach in the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering) space that services the hotel industry. FMCGs are eying at this lucrative segment today since it outnumbers the mom and pop stores in India.

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Off-trade marketing channel entails requirements and criteria bound with the commercial and distribution nature of the market which is characterized by the density of retailers, their geographical location, seasonal changes in addition to the close bond with local supplier and wholesalers.

We help to bridge the gap for best quality food supplies at Lowest possible price. We directly procures products from manufactures / Traders / Distributors.

We pioneered the concept of supplying food products to HORECA (Hotels, restaurants, cafe & caterers) and other kind of institutions.

Field Sales Support : Since the very first steps on the market products need an attentive care and Retail Marketing provides an exclusive network of Sales Supporters in the Ho.Re.Ca field who will use their expertise and skills to highlight the brand according to the channel it belongs to. The figure of the Sales support monitors and dissects minutely the territory of his responsibility, either on his own or along with other figures appointed by the company or by the retailers, with the goal of increasing both sell- in and sell-out of the goods. They act as real commercial promoters, Brand Ambassadors and they represent the fundamental link between company, retailers, distribution and consumers.

Market and price surveys : those activities represent an important source of information for those in a company that produces goods or provides services who are responsible for marketing strategies and hold the decision-making process as they can’t rely on a clear and efficient map showing the actual distribution/ retailers on the national territory. Thanks to the capillary presence of our staff and experts on the area and the great Know-How achieved thanks to our experience we are able to analyze various portions of the market and consequently we can provide our clients with realistic and specific data bases by picking out targeted information, according to the customer’s demands. Some of our “plus-services” we offer to our customers are photographs, systems of geolocation, creation of virtual maps of distribution and dynamic reports.

Sampling: this is a direct- marketing strategy aimed at rising up interest towards that specific category by offering the customers free gadgets as to insert it in order to set the right conditions to build up a business relationship. This kind of activity will make the products become more visible on the market and to the final costumers in addition to increase the brand awareness.

Events and RoadShows: We project and manage formats for events in bars and pubs or travelling tours aiming at promoting a specific product by involving the customer. Our highly qualified staff ( bartenders – barladies – chef promoters – Hostesses ) will become your Brand Ambassadors by increasing the value of the product’s organoleptic characteristics.