Food Product Retailers

  • Retail is the end part of every supply chain. The supply chain starts from acquiring raw material and ends on retailers store to consumer hands. This dawn of online era has split the retailers into two categories either online or brick and mortar based retailers.
  • So are you a manufacturer of any food and beverage product in India?  And wandering how it will reach to your customer then you must read this article till end.
  • Here we have discussed various retail channels benefits and most effective retail channel strategy. Retail is most crucial step of sales all your money and effort will go into vain if your product is not sold. So in this sales process it’s very important to correctly judge the retailers and frame retailing channel strategy accordingly. So that the flow of your food and beverage product doesn’t gets blocked. As it will also affect your production and cause huge loss.
  • First of all you need to understand all the types of retail channels options. This retail channels selection is crucial as it will decide the way you will reach to your target goal.
  • Stores: types of retail stores are warehouse store, departmental store, clothing store, discount store. Here retail sales occur customers come and buy goods and here there is immediate Satisfaction of the customer needs. But the customers don’t get a lot of options for products as he could buy only those products that are available in that particular store.
  • Online: it’s a vast medium through which we could sell our product to customers globally. Here low cost shipping now days don’t adds burden to customer. The product range is vast and customer can on their need customise their searches and get the products according to the needed specification. Only the demerit is that sometimes fraud can occur and instant satisfaction doesn’t occur.
  • Catalogues direct sales: this is more advanced type where we provide detail information through mails or website. Customer can order directly through their phones and online medium. Here we have the advantage of seeing the product real image, how it looks and its visual details. It also helps consumer in deciding the purchase product.