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Food and beverage industry are the fastest growing sector generating exceptionally high revenue. Nowadays everyone prefers  food and beverages marketing . It not only helps them save time but also provides a lot of options. However, there are different types of beverages available ; one of India’s leading  marketing Agency.

Types of Beverages:


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Hot Beverages: Includes drinks that are typically served hot like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. These beverages helps you keep warm.

Cold Beverages: Includes iced tea, cold coffee, lemonade, cold drinks, etc. These drinks keep you refreshed and hydrated for longer hours on a hot day.

Energy Drink: A drink which contains caffeine that provides mental and physical stimulation. These drinks include Coffee, Espresso, Green Tea, Black Tea, Red Bull, Sting, etc. They come with a handful of benefits like produce feelings of alertness, wakefulness, and productivity. They also provide additional supplements to the body, faster recovery after exercise any many more.

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Salt, Sugar & Jaggery

Salt, Sugar and Jaggery Online

Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates used in food. There are many types of sugars that are derived from various sources. The “table sugar” or “granulated sugar” found in our kitchens is sucrose, a disaccharide of glucose and fructose.
Nutritional value of sugar:
Sugar is a great source of carbohydrate and energy. One ounce of sugar delivers 28 grams of carbohydrate, but zero grams of protein and fat. Which means it is 100% carbohydrate and contains no vitamins, minerals or fatty acids.
Jaggery health benefits:
Jaggery is made from unrefined sugar and also from the sap of coconut and date palm. Unlike sugar, jaggery has many health benefits including the ability to cleanse the body, aid in digestion and provide a good amount of minerals. Jaggery is loaded with antioxidant, which means it can also help prevent constipation and act as a detox.
What are the health benefits of Jaggery?
Cleanses the body
Aids in digestion
Has a good amount of minerals and antioxidant which help prevent free-radicals
Prevents constipation
Helps women combat PMS symptoms
What are the uses of jaggery?
Jaggery is made from unrefined sugar and is commonly used as a substitute for sugar because of its many health benefits. Jaggery can be used to make a number of sweet dishes like halwas and puddings. You can also use jaggery as an ingredient in a detox.
What is rock salt?
Rock salt is the mineral form of sodium chloride, which includes other variations of salt such as common salt and table salt.
Salt, Sugar and Jaggery Online
Sugar is the generic name for sweet-tasting, soluble carbohydrates used in food. There are different varieties of sugar that are made from different sources, such as brown sugar, palm sugar and jaggery. Jaggery is a lot healthier than sugar as it has minerals and antioxidants that are useful to us. Sugar, on the other hand, is made up of 100% carbohydrates and has no amount of fat, protein or minerals. Rock salt is a mineral formed from sodium chloride. Rock salt is used to in a number of recipes for consumption and skin care. It works both as an ingredient in many detoxes and as a skin exfoliator. Sugar, jaggery and rock salt are widely available in the market as these are necessary staple ingredients in many of our food dishes.Sugar and salt are an essential component of our diet and no food item can ever be complete without having one of them as ingredient. Sugar and salt enrich the flavour of food with its sweet and salty flavour. Consuming salt and sugar also has its health benefits. Plus there are several different varieties of salt and sugar available, use the one that best meets your requirement and suits the palate.
Sugar often receives bad press for its high-calorie content and many people advocate a sugar free diet. Despite its high-calorie content sugar has some health benefits to consuming it like an instant energy boost for one. The key lies in moderation and using natural sugars, aspartame or stevia over refined sugars. Hence, use sugar wisely to reap its health benefits.
Types of Sugar There are several different types of sugar available like palm sugar, brown sugar and raw sugar to name a few. Both brown sugar and raw sugar contain minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. As such both these sugar are a better choice over the white refined sugars. The brown sugar price is 119 rupees but you can get it at for only 83 rupees.
Similarly, raw sugar price at is only 120 rupees. Even the widely used white sugar online price is quite inexpensive. You can also the popular brand of sugar Madhur sugar online at . So sugar online from and sweeten the deal with great discounts.
A great alternative to white refined sugar is jaggery. Jaggery has almost the same calorie profile but has more health benefits attached to it. Some of the health benefits of jaggery include better digestive health, protects from anaemia, liver detoxification and better immune system.
There are mainly two different types of jaggery – palm jaggery and sugarcane jaggery. Besides the health benefits of jaggery sugar, another advantage of opting for jaggery is its cheap price. However, the organic jaggery price can be a tad expensive. Nevertheless, jaggery and sugar rate is quite low as compared to market rates. So shop for your sugar online at and get a great deal on them.
Like sugar, salt also forms an indispensable part of our food and diet. Salt not only enhances the flavour of any savoury food and snacks but, also has numerous health benefits. Like sugar, overuse of salt can be harmful to the health. There are several different types of salt available in the market apart from the regular iodized salt, like – rock salt, sea salt, Himalayan rock salt, pink salt.
The different varieties of salt are not just a fancier version of the table salt but are a different type of salt altogether having several health benefits. For instance, the Himalayan pink salt is the cleanest salt available on the planet and contains over 84 minerals. While the benefits of sea salt include – reduces fluid retention, balances electrolytes, prevents muscle cramps and much more.
Regular table salt is quite economical and you can get salt online for a further lower price only at . So salt online from and save money.


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