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all-round service, which creates a one-stop shop that accommodates all of our customer needs. From order origination to its completion we provide a hands-on service, giving our customers the peace of mind that all factors to the process are efficiently handled with a continued support from our experienced Team. We understand the different aspects faced by customers, and work alongside them to ensure their needs are met.

We aim to offer our professional customers the very best service, choice of products and value for money. By working closely with our customers and suppliers, we have a fantastic extended range available. Our core product range includes; toiletries, household items, cosmetics, confectionery, stationery, hair, dental care, bath care, feminine and hygiene products, baby care products, batteries and hardware.

With thousands of lines covering food and non-food products, you will find everything for your business under one roof. As well as an emphasis on product quality and availability, our focus on value for money means that you can keep the cost of running your business to a minimum.

We import and distribute a range of food and supermarket items such as; seasoning products, dried and canned fish, baking powder and biscuits, confectioneries and energy drinks.


Appoint us as your Distributor and Brand Ambassador in pune and maharashtra.

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Are you a consumer goods (FMCG) Importer, Local Manufacturer or are you looking to trial a new product in the pune Market?

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We sell and deliver wholesale orders throughout india, with customers in all states and thorough logistic capabilities.

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Pickles and Chutney Marketing

A pickle jar is inevitably found on every dining table. Whether you’re a fan of mango pickle or lemon pickle or pickled garlic, Retail Marketing has it all for you. If you’re a fan of Indian chutney or non veg pickles, you can order those too. Mango pickle is made from special varieties of mangoes that are used specifically only for the pickle. Baby mangoes are pickled using salt, spices and vegetable oil. The difference between mango pickle and mango chutney is that mango chutney is a paste which is made from sugar, onion, ginger, mustard seeds, white vinegar and mangoes. Mango achar can be made at home but the process is cumbersome. You can easily buy a bottle of Mango achar on Retail Marketing. Lemon pickle is made from chopped lemons, salt, chilli powder, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida, turmeric powder and sesame oil. Apart from fruit pickles, vegetables can also be pickled. Pickled onions are made from red onion, water, distilled white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, honey or maple syrup, sea salt and red pepper flakes. Something unconventional such as carrots can also be pickled. Pickled carrots consist of carrots, water, vinegar, sugar, garlic cloves, dill, and salt. Pickled garlic is also another type of Indian pickle commonly found in the kitchen. Pickled garlic consists of salt, water, vinegar, fresh garlic, red pepper flakes and dill. Pickled ginger is also another delicacy and is made from fresh ginger root, rice vinegar, sugar, water and salt. When pickle is spoken of abroad, it usually means pickled cucumber. Pickled cucumber is made from cucumber, salt, water, white wine vinegar, sugar, and bay leaf. Chili pickle is made from tomato, green or red chilies, sugar, salt and vinegar. Even tomato pickle is readily available on Retail Marketing. Tomato pickle is made from fresh tomatoes, salt, sugar, and vinegar. From vegetables and fruits to chicken, anything can be pickled. And on Retail Marketing, you can find your favourite Indian pickle from your favourite brand. All variations and flavours by Mothers pickle are easily available. Other brands include Nutty Yogi, Chings, Maggi, and Del Monte. Also, if you are looking for Andhra pickles or sweet lemon pickles or mixed pickles, you can also easily find it here. Simply choose all the pickles you need and add it to your cart. Have it delivered to your doorstep the very same day using express delivery.

Variety of Pickles

From fruits and vegetables to meat products, anything can be pickled. A pickle is a vegetable or a fruit that has been preserved in brine or vinegar. Apart from making bland food taste good and adding to the taste, pickle juice can help boost your digestion and strengthen your immune system. It can also lower the risk for cancer and heart ailments. The most popular pickled items include pickled garlic, pickled mangoes and pickled chillies. Get your fill of home-made pickles on Retail Marketing.

How are Chutneys consumed

Chutneys also act as taste enhancers like pickles. Chutneys can be either sauces or dry bases. They taste great with rolls, sandwiches, momos, and even plain rice and daal. You can either make your own chutney by grinding ingredients with a little bit of water or buy ready-made chutney from Retail Marketing. A staple of every Indian cuisine, chutneys and pickles inevitably make it to the dining table.

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3PL Contract Logistics Operations

3PL Contract Logistics Operations

While Freight Forwarding is an important function of 3PL Service providers to facilitate the Supply Chain, another equally important function managed by 3PL Logistics Companies is Contract Logistics.

Under the broad umbrella of Contract Logistics, 3PL providers provide services of setting up consolidation centers, distribution centers, warehouses and inventory management services.

European network of transportation and warehouses stand apart from the rest of the world and are highly evolved regarding supply chain capabilities. America too has similar capabilities developed in recent years. Normally warehousing facilities are built and rented out as real estates. Warehousing Parks or Distribution Facilities are designed with complete layout and infrastructure for truck parking, yard management, and security systems, etc. Warehousing buildings of sizes ranging from 1000 sq. mtrs to several hundred sq. mtrs come equipped with all weather docks, dock levelers, and dock platforms to facilitate continuous loading and unloading activities and quick turnaround of vehicles. These facilities include office facilities and other utilities too as a complete stand-alone facility.

3PL companies rent out such facilities or in some cases invest in building their facilities in strategic locations in the transportation network or near major markets or in some cases in specific locations close to customer facilities.

3PL Warehousing is used for managing inventories of both raw materials and finished goods including spare parts, consumables, and promotional materials as the case may be.

Depending upon the need and size of operations, a 3PL may set up completely dedicated facility for a client specific requirement or provide dedicated storage space and services in shared facility or provide pallet wise storage on rental basis. All these modes are used depending upon the particular need of the logistics plan.

Normally the warehouses consist of vertical racks with levels anywhere from five levels up to ten and above with a carrying capacity of one ton per pallet position. Depending upon the storage need, racking design will vary from pallet racking to block stack, deck racking, shelving, bins, etc. Material Handling equipment used include Hand Pallet Jacks, Trolleys, Battery Operated Fork Lifts and various types of Reach Trucks used in racks.

The entire warehousing operations include Receiving Process involving unloading, de-skidding, inspection, in warding and put away. Delivery or shipment includes receipt of shipping order from the customer along with invoice or sales documentation, picking materials, consolidation, packing, marking, preparing outbound documentation and shipping out by loading into containers. Besides these functions, the other main functions in the warehouse include inventory management that involves location management, managing storage capacities and bulk and loose inventory, carrying out inventory counts to ensure accuracy of inventory and stock takes.

The entire warehousing operations are dependent upon documentation and systems that manage operations and inventory. Warehouses use WMS – Warehouse Management System as the backbone. The system manages inbound transactions, location management and generates and controls warehousing operations for both inbound and outbound transactions coupled with maintaining inventory in detailed level and managing inventories.

For any principle employer, the support of a good 3PL is necessary because its entire inventory amounting to a huge amount regarding value is in the custody of a third party. Inventory management operations are core to any operations. Hence it is necessary for every SCM Expert to understand nuances of 3PL Contract Logistics operations before taking decisions to outsource these functions.

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