How We Work:

1 Customer profiling :- The first step often includes a complete customer profile analysis by overlaying your present customer database with third party data including demographics, lifestyle and behavior files.

2 Response data:- forensics By analyzing your past direct marketing results, we create offers and new single channel or multi-channel test programs that are designed to beat the response of your present most successful direct response programs (that is, your controls).

3 Creative development:- For creative assignments, we first write a comprehensive creative strategy document for your review. This incorporates the offer, product benefits, testimonials, answers to the top three customer objections and other information the creative team needs to create your new winners.


4Financial pro:– forma Before we embark on a direct marketing program, we develop a financial pro forma that incorporates your allowable cost per lead or cost per sale.

5 We can act as an extension of your staff:- Some suppliers call this partnering with the client. But we really cannot partner with clients in the classic sense as stockholders. But we are “stakeholders.” This simply means that as consultants, what we do after the program runs separates us from advertising agencies. We look at the total selling process looking for barriers that are affecting response rates. This might include a selling cycle audit where we examine the steps leading up to a sale. We begin with the customer’s first response and tabulate every step. We then submit a report to you with our recommendations for both sales improvement and new selling opportunities.




Cereals & Food Grains

•Rice• Basmati Rice• Wheat Flour• Pulses

Flavours & Aromatics

•Acetic Acid• Citric Acid•Food Colors

Cooking Spices and Masala

Cooking Spices•Turmeric Powder•Red Chilli Powder•Coriander Powder•Chilli Powder

Bakery & Confectionery Products

•Chocolate Cake•Cake•Cream Cake•Bakery Products•Bread & Buns

Snacks and Namkeen

•Processed Food•Namkeens•Snack Foods•Salted Snacks•Potato Chips

Fresh, Dried & Preserved Vegetables

•Fresh Vegetables•Onion•Potato•Red Onion•Tomato

Tea & Coffee

•Tea•Green Tea•Coffee•Herbal Tea•Black Tea

Juices, Soups & Soft Drinks

•Cold Drink•Mineral Water•Soft Drinks•Packaged Drinking Water•Fruit Drinks

Chocolates, Biscuits & Cookies

•Biscuit•Chocolate•Chocolate Biscuit•Cream Biscuit•Cookies