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Ice Creams & Desserts

Ice Creams Online – Family Pack, Cups, Cone, Tubs from

Ice Creams Online – Family Pack, Cups, Cone, Tubs from
Temperatures soaring each summer have become a challenge in every day’s life. Long, hot humid and never-ending days constantly drain our energy levels. Moreover, the steady temperature increase may also pose harmful consequences such as cramps, dehydration and heat strokes.

Summers are great to indulge in ice-creams which will not only keep you hydrated but also be a mood changer during a mundane day. You may not wish to walk down that lane or are lazing around in your couch and prefer ordering it online. Selecting ice creams online also can be a task due to the numerous options available. But you do not have to worry! Beat the heat this summer with refreshing ice cream flavours offered by ! Quick and easy as it is, we can help you choose your favourite ice cream which is just a click away. boasts delicious varieties, providing a delightful array of ice cream flavours. Use the multitude of filters listed on the left side of our website to refine your search for the ideal ice cream variants offered by the most reputed brands such as Amul, Baskin Robins, Kwality Walls, Mother Dairy and more!

What’s in store for you?

India’s ice cream market is booming and thanks to a wave of new launches taking place over the past few years. Ice creams are no longer seen as a kid’s treat, but adults are indulging in it too as a guilty pleasure! This can be seen due to the widening variety of flavours, tastes and formats. offers some of the most unconventional flavours from its reputed brands like Amul and multinational owned Kwality walls, Haagen – Dazs and many more. Amul’s almond fudge remains to be the consumer’s all-time favourite. They started with flavours from the western world and over the years introduced authentic Indian flavours such as saffron and dry fruits and many more. Foreign brands like Haagen Dazs have come up with enticing flavours like cookies and cream or even exotic strawberry. They may be slightly on the higher end but are value for money.

Similar to this is Kwality Walls; it brings happiness in all sizes and flavours. Their new launches this summer include Cornetto Oreo, Cloud Bite, and lemon blast. Baskin Robbins offers something different for every taste buds. 31 flavours for 31 days! The flavours include Baskin Robbins Gold medal ribbon, banana strawberries ice cream, Mississippi Mud and many more. Mother Dairy’s enchanting nut collection will blow your mind. Flavours include Caramel crunch, butter pecan, chocolate hazelnut and many more.

’s unique choice of brands and flavours will simply win your heart and spread happiness.

A Bowl of happiness!

The taste palate of Indian consumers is becoming more sophisticated; consumers are willing to experiment with new flavours, formats every now and then. For every occasion and mood, there is an ice cream available here at . Amul’s inexpensive ice lollies, fruit ice cream and family packs in standard flavours are available across the year. Baskin Robbins delicious and delectable ice cream flavours come in the form of sticks, scoops, prepacked sundaes or even in Home packs. helps you identify what exactly you are looking for and for what occasion. No fuss search filter at makes your shopping experience more memorable. Filtering and sorting products your way is the smart way. will organize your available products based on collections, product options, and the prices you have created. The filter will automatically display the categories you have picked.

Great Nutritional value

There is no need to quit the treat for a slimmer body! For many of you, ice cream is one thing you can’t live without, which is why caters to brands to be your aid even during your rapid weight loss efforts. Not only does it cater to health-conscious people but also has nutritional values. Companies like Amul has introduced low fat and low sugar ice creams such as slim scoops in mango and vanilla flavour. Amuls low-fat ice cream contains less than 0.5 % less fat and conforms to PFA norms – according to Amul sources. Kwality Walls also tapped the segment and has come up with many interesting variants.

From Cow to Cone!

Most important ice cream ingredients come from milk. Fresh cow’s milk is one of the most useful ingredients used for preparing any ice cream. Authentic and rich in protein, the milk provides all the nutritional values. Ice cream during summers especially provides your body with much-needed nutrients such as calcium, potassium, vitamin B and phosphorous. hosts reputed brands like Amul, Baskin Robins, Mother dairy which uses fresh cow milk. They have rich ingredients with premium quality and are usually 100% vegetarian. Brands like Haagen Dazs and London dairy prepare ice creams from egg yolk which are also available on . Ice Cream will now be available just at your doorstep.

Be your own chef!

No meal is complete without a sweet treat. It’s time you masterfully plate your meal with bits of bliss. Chewy marshmallows, crunchy almonds and sweet chocolate is a classic flavour for classic reasons.

Binge into some unique ice cream recipes mentioned below.

The ultimate french toast – Melt your ice cream scoop and dip your butter toasted bread along with crushed nuts and some cinnamon powder from the top. It will be one ultimate experience and awaken our taste buds.
Cookies and ice cream – Spread your favourite cookie (preferably) with a layer of ice cream from the top along with a few choco chips and slightly heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds. The melted effect will simply make your day.
Rich Pancake experience – Take two mini pancakes and stuff in your favourite ice cream in between and voila!
Ice Cream sandwich – Take two biscuits and stuff in ice cream in between and refrigerate it by adding your favourite toppings.
Oreo Coffee Shock – A refreshing drink for all the coffee lovers with Vanilla ice cream and Oreo.

Offers across all seasons!

is an online grocery store which saves your time and money. It has discounts and offers running all around the year. Pocket-friendly as it is, there is something in store for you for every season like a chocolate mousse for date night, tutee fruity family pack for a Sunday brunch, caramel chocolate with Choco chip topping for fancy dinner parties or even strawberries for birthday parties. Be it summer or a rainy day, with you can surely splurge in scoops of goodness without the hassle of stepping out.

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