Types of retail marketing

A successful retail marketing campaign should explore different avenues. Once a retail marketing agency builds a strategy, its implementation can include marketing avenues aimed at reaching different consumers at a go. Retail marketing is an intertwined process and every marketing strategy has to be custom made to fit the business. Something that a retail marketing agency considers while developing a retail marketing plan is the different retail outlets available.

These include:

  1. Department stores – These are big retail stores with different sections selling a variety of products. You can find food section, clothing, electronics among other products clearly separated and labeled.
  2. Franchises – This allows local and international retail store owners to use an established business name for their stores. For example, Macy is a big brand with several franchise stores.
  3. Supermarkets – These stores are most common for food and related items. However, they sell other products though not as diverse department stores.
  4. Malls and shopping centers – These are large buildings with several retail stores inside. Their popularity is due to the fact that you can have your favorite franchise stores in one location making customer shopping a little convenient.
  5. Online retail – The internet has made it possible to operate online stores with drop shipping options to consumers. From their comfort, consumers can go online find a store and shop for a product. They can pay online and leave their preferred address for delivery.
  6. Discount stores – For consumers looking for bargains on a variety of products, discount stores provide low-cost shopping options for them. While they are extremely affordable, the quality and trend of the items may not be up to standard.

For every retail outlet, its retail marketing plan will differ in terms of target market, consumer needs and accessibility. An online store will invest more in social media advertisements than print media. Similarly, a physical store will do more direct marketing in form of advertisements than online marketing. With this in mind, a retail marketing agency will be able to build a plan suited for your retail outlet.

Here are 4 avenues they explore:


  • Internet


The internet connects billions of consumers to different products. Retail stores require an online presence to remain relevant to its consumers. A website outlining the products, prizes and location of the store makes it possible to direct customers to your shop. You can also include an online purchase platform for clients who are unable to come to your store.  A good way to fully utilize the internet in your marketing campaign is to blast your hot deals bargains and sales across social media platforms and forums.


  • Word of mouth


One happy client is likely to direct new customers your way. By offering excellent customer service, a variety of products and unbeatable prices, in no time word will go round attracting more customers. Most popular stores and other service providers have a referral program to encourage their existing clients to market them to new customers. The program usually has an incentive to both the referee and the referral. This program can be available to both individuals and corporations or businesses that send referrals your way.

Networking events also provide the platform for business owners to advertise themselves. Local networking events are most appropriate especially since they provide the immediate target audience. Unless a retailer is looking to expand to other regions, Participating in local networking events is more impactful.

  • PR marketing


What is your visibility status especially in your area of business? Are you involved in any charitable event or CSR activity? Do you get featured in local community forums highlighting different issues in the society? Such activities promote your brand to target consumers who connect and relate to your brand before consuming your products. Through such activities, they subconsciously become aware of your brand and instantly recollect when they come across your store.


  • Direct Marketing


This involves billboards, advertisements, brochures, catalogs and so on. It is basically any print, audio and visual marketing of your business. Direct marketing is most popular avenues exploited by retail marketing agencies. It provides a platform to directly speak to your target audience.


Retail marketing is a broad subject with various avenues to exploit. Retail marketing agencies advice on the best type of marketing strategies for your business. It is possible to incorporate all the marketing types into your business to reach more consumers. Whichever type of retail Marketing Avenue used should be customized according to your retail outlets and consumer needs.