Tea & Coffee

Tea & Coffee


Tea and coffee are one of the greatest unifies. There is no problem which could be solved with a cup of tea or coffee. Alice walker rightly said that that “Tea to English is a picnic indoors”.  Tea and coffee could be called universal beverage because they are prevalent all over the globe.

For replenishing fluid content of our body tea and coffee are fantastic option. It replaces water lost during sweating and helps getting rehydrated quicker. Certain kinds of tumours and cancers are also inhibited by the consumption of tea and coffee.

As we know that caffeine is present in plenty amount in both tea and coffee. Their consumption stimulates us and keeps us active and energetic for longer time.  Antioxidants consumption keeps you young and free from many diseases hence increasing life expectancy and tea is full of it.

Being a substitute of calorie free drinks sugar free tea and coffee aid us in weight reduction. Reasonable amount of consumption of tea and coffee supplies good amount of fluoride to us but excessive consumption leads to discoloration of teeth.

Due to high level of catechins consumption of tea it prevents osteoporosis hence making our bones stronger and protecting them. It’s often called as stress buster as it reduces stress and has anti-depressant effect on us. Lastly both coffee and tea consumption helps to strengthen our immune system.

Different types of tea and coffee available in market  include Green tea , black tea , Flavoured Tea , herbal tea , lemon tea , ice tea , blended yellow tea , jasmine green tea , rose green tea , tulsi tea , green ices tea, peach ices tea, peach tea , ginger green tea , Himalaya green tea , strawberry ice tea , mango tea , orange tea , apple tea , cold coffee , instant coffee, instant coffee powder cappuccino coffee , filter coffee powder , instant coffee powder roasted coffee , espresso coffee , green coffee powder , herbal coffee, coffee bean , gold coffee powder , continental, coffee powder and many more.

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