Retail Marketing

Retail marketing offers support for FMCG manufacturers in their retail strategy development, especially in regards of their positioning with various retailers or route-to-market. Due to our significant retail knowledge we are able to provide investors in manufacturing a different perspective for their sales and marketing strategy and enhance their understanding of the retailers’ needs and targets.

Retail marketing is a company that spans the globe, providing retail strategies that work.

We focus purely on retail Marketing

in a turn around situation
in a start-up or significant growth phase
wanting commercial due diligence
looking for value creation understanding
FMCG businesses who want a route to market
companies lacking internal resources to execute new projects/ideas

This is a complete strategy from the products leaving the factory to their placement on the shelves of the retailer and finally in the customers’ hands. We would usually start the process of a strategy review with an assessment of the product range of a given manufacturer and their suitability for various sales channels (e.g. retail, online, B2B, etc.) and assess the possible geographies of expansion. In the process we would consider and point out the chances of success and the required investment.

FMCG Marketing and Brand Building

The route-to-market of a product always needs to be supported by a corresponding marketing strategy guaranteeing the communication of the manufacturer’s message to the end consumers. We support manufacturers in creating and presenting their marketing strategy to the sales channels. Understanding clearly the positioning of products and building a brand is the starting point to creating a story that the end consumer can understand. We have developed a clear approach to ensuring that gaining listings at retailers or online platforms has a greater chance of success due to our knowledge of how the retailer thinks and what will motivate a positive outcome.
Our team members represent a colourful mix of past careers not only with retailers but also with FMCG manufacturers with sales and marketing roles, which brings us an objective view of “both sides of the equation”. We have successfully fulfilled FMCG marketing.

Due to our vast retail knowledge we can support manufacturers in this decision, pointing out the advantages and risks of both routes and supporting them in understanding better the retailer and customers’ needs.

Our retail marketing services are designed to increase your sales!

Following services are offered by RM in the field of retail marketing services:

  • Ensuring effective pricing communication
  • Developing an effective marketing calendar, including promotion cycles and event relevance
  • Effective merchandising strategies to coordinate with marketing activities
  • Revision of existing or creation of new loyalty programmes
  • E-commerce integration, including pricing strategy compared to other pricing
  • Development of concepts for new business segments and integrating them in the current company structure
  • Private label branding, communication and quality positioning
  • Development of Vision, Mission and Values statements for external corporate or internal communication

Retail Marketing, Retail most frequently requested project for marketing is the range of activities undertaken by a retailer to promote greater awareness of the brand and its products, in order to increase sales.