Ready to Eat & Instant Food Mixes

India is still struggling for a developed country tag. So is its large chunk of population. People are more active these days either engaged in their household activities or occupied by their industrious chores. This makes them much assiduous and making them both unwilling and helpless in cooking and eating good food. People are struggling with their livelihood and in this struggle they are losing their health by depending mainly upon unhygienic food fast food or similar products consumption.

The solution for this comes from the processed products. Many companies and brands are investing a lot in this sector for creating consumer specific products. Many researches are also going on in order to create food products suitable safe economical and sustainable food to the intended customers.

Food scientists have forged many lines of products suitable for consumption by any individual who is not able to cook and eat as this product doesn’t need much processing after buying. It is cooked fast and easy to consume. Scientist along with making it easy to cook and consume their main goal is to it makes the food nutritionally more elite and efficient .scientist in simple words is trying to adjust most of the nutrients inside the small packet. Maintaining the taste, flavour, texture, aroma desired by the consumer.

The ready to cook and eat food products history dates back the 90’s when during the war this food was supplied to the soldiers. This food in form of capsules and pouches after further more processing was used for astronauts. Now with time it has been so economical that even people living in sheds could buy it and consume it.

Dosa noodle frozen paratha chapatti  pasta macaroni instant soup frozen sweets instant food mix batter vermicelli are some of the ready to eat food products available both in market and online too. Now various companies like big basket and grocers with their well-equipped delivery chain system deliver the food product online at our doorstep.

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