Pickles, Jams & Ketchups

India has 25% to 40 % of fruits and vegetables that are lost due to post-harvest mishandling. This is near to the total GDP of a small country. 2% – 3% of total fruits and vegetable production are only processed in India. On contrary to which we receive a data from FAO (Food Agriculture Organisation) 70 % to 80% of the total amount of fruits and vegetables produced are processed preserved and exported from Brazil. Thus it is clearly visible that intensive effort is needed in this field by both government and private sector.

Post-harvest losses could be minimised by using post-harvest technology and processing techniques. By doing this we can produce fresh products along with packed products .the fresh products are very nutritive and no doubt one should try to consume it as it is. But for many people it’s not feasible so food manufacturers further process the fresh products and make ranges of different packaged and semi perishable and non-perishable products. This products on one side have long shelf life on other hand are more nutritive than the fresh one and that also without compromising on the main factor that is taste.

A range of fresh products are available in packaged and preserved form for example pickles ketchup sauces chutney honey spreads jam squashes RTS canned fruits and vegetables canned soup Murabbas. These products not only give mouth-watering sensation but also are nutritionally very much high.


Pickle are basically fruits or vegetables that have been kept in a brine solution or vinegar .in Indian pickles are very much different of the western countries .pickles are made by mixing a particular fruit or vegetable with ingredients like salt , spices , oil . The basic principle is to preserve the fruit by the process of fermentation forming an acidic condition unviable for the growth of microbes. The spices mixed in specific proportion gives the characteristic flavour to pickles. different types of pickles are available like of mango pickle,  lime pickle  , green chilli pickle ,  garlic pickle, red chilli pickle, alma pickle , ginger pickle , tomato pickle  ,carrot pickle, mushroom pickle  ,chicken pickle. All the products are available both online and offline too.


It is a sweet fruit processed product made up of heating up the pulp juice of the fruit along with sugar. The characteristic colour and flavour comes with the fruit pigments or artificial colouring agents. The consistent texture of jam is due to the presence of pectin which makes its consistency semi solid. Jam is very nutritious as it serves as the concentrated source of fruit nutrients vitamins and minerals. Jams are very much liked by the kids. It’s much more than a mere breakfast or lunch food… the finger liking taste attracts the smaller children .also the facts that jam can be used by many food products as enhancing its taste increasing food diversity and palatability .some good brands are Heinz kissan tops many scope is available in this sector due to less competition.


Ketchup is thick consistent red sauce. It gives a tangy flavour it’s made up of tomatoes sugar and vinegar the combined flavour of ketchup comes from onion coriander clove cumin. Mostly it is used as condiments with it fries burger pies pizza it adds up to the taste of food. This tangy flavour attracts persons from all age groups. Being made up of tomatoes it has high antioxidants content. High lycopene is also served by using ketchup. Today some famous brands are henz kissan tops.


This sector is also untouched but the demand in this sector is increasing day by day so manufacturers should invest it as low risk and high investment is needed. This low completion favours a spike growth in all these sectors. only the needed thing is the dedication of the producer to produce safe food withs awesome taste. Further to it our work starts the distribution promotion branding and sales. With our very much experienced team we market your product smartly and resulting to the assure sales of your commodity.