New Product Launches

At Retail Marketing, we specialize in providing comprehensive marketing services tailored to FMCG product launches. We understand that the success of such launches hinges on effective marketing and media hype. Therefore, we offer a range of promotional services aimed at ensuring maximum visibility and reach for your product launch. Our services include:

You’ve developed a fantastic product that looks and tastes great, but how do you get it on retailer shelves?

We’re passionate about delivering new food and drink innovation but there are many hurdles to overcome during the process. A well thought out strategy from the start will help you clear those hurdles as painlessly as possible. This is a process we are very familiar with. We’ve learnt many lessons along the way and apply our learnings to ensure your journey will be as smooth as possible. We’ll help guide you every step of the way and offer practical advice.



  • Assess market opportunity
  • Define product brand proposition
  • Confirm consumer need & desire
  • Evaluate commercial opportunity



  • Define launch plan by retailer
  • Create retailer specific trade presentations
  • Confirm communication strategy for key customers



  • Leverage buyer relationships
  • Sell-in period based on retailer timelines
  • Negotiate favourable terms

Fulcrum is your trusted FMCG marketing agency, dedicated to helping your brand gain popularity in the fiercely competitive and fast-paced FMCG industry. With our expertise, we focus on implementing POS marketing strategies such as in-store activations, product demos, and sampling to generate buzz around your product launch. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times in FMCG product launches and work efficiently to deliver quality work within tight deadlines. Partner with Fulcrum to build a strong and memorable brand even in a saturated market segment.


  • Maximise product appeal
  • Credibility with retailers & investors
  • Gain advantage vs competitors
  • Prepared for challenge
  • Focused strategy
  • Improve chance of listings

At our agency, we specialize in providing comprehensive branding services tailored specifically for FMCG product launches. We recognize that the success of such launches hinges on effective marketing strategies and generating media hype. Therefore, we offer a diverse range of promotional services aimed at maximizing visibility and extending the reach of your product launch.

1. Product Sampling: Our product sampling services extend to distributors, retailers, and HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Cafés) establishments. We strategically distribute samples to these key channels, allowing potential customers to experience your product firsthand and generate interest.

2. Sales Promotions: We design and implement strategic sales promotions to stimulate consumer interest and drive sales during the launch phase. These promotions are carefully crafted to incentivize purchases and create excitement around your FMCG product.

3. Brand Activation: Our brand activation initiatives are aimed at bringing your brand to life and creating memorable experiences for consumers. Through innovative and engaging activations, we aim to foster strong connections between your brand and its target audience.

4. Branding and Merchandising: We offer expert branding and merchandising solutions to ensure that your product stands out on the shelves and captures consumer attention. From packaging design to point-of-sale displays, we optimize every aspect of branding and merchandising to enhance product visibility.

5. Events and Exhibitions: Our events and exhibitions services provide opportunities for your FMCG product to be showcased in high-traffic environments, allowing for direct engagement with consumers. Whether it’s trade shows, product launch events, or experiential marketing activations, we create impactful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

By leveraging our comprehensive branding services, you can rest assured that your FMCG product launch will receive the attention it deserves in the market. With a strategic approach and a focus on maximizing visibility and engagement, we aim to drive success and achieve your business objectives.