About Mobile-Van-Branding:

  • mobile vans are vehicles designed specifically for promotional purposes. They come along with fixtures that hold the advertisement panels. These vans move across the cities or are parked at locations with high footfall. Mobile vans can be used as stand-alone advertising medium or can be a part of a multi-dimensional advertising campaign. These vans fulfill two purposes in one, first, they serve as service delivery vans and second, they promote the brand covertly.
Mobile vans are a versatile medium of advertising. It can be used in various ways for promoting a product or a service depending on the kind of response you wish to get from the target audience.

  • As delivery vans: It is the most popular practice where the brand uses their delivery vans as promotional tools. Brands lace the delivery vans with large size advertisements with brand’s logo and tag line for brand awareness and brand recall purposes.
  • As Live Kiosks: Mobile vans for branding are also designed to serve as mobile kiosks for brand promotion purposes. We all remember the famous Kaun Banega Crorepti ‘hot seat’ vans doing the rounds at busiest locations in town that indeed was a promotional strategy. Similarly, these live kiosks can be used for offering trials and demos for promoting a particular brand or service.
  • As Digital Ads: The latest in the mobile van advertising is using them as digital mediums of advertising by mounting LED screens on them and playing ads, cricket matches, video songs and even movies.
Mobile van advertising is an edge over other modes of advertising due to following reasons:

  • Subtle yet impactful: unlike other advertising mediums such as radio or TV that interrupt the audience for presenting an ad, mobile vans communicate though its presence in a subtle manner.
  • Reach beyond boundaries: Mobile van advertising gives mobility to your communication message. Wherever the van will move, it will take your advertisement resulting into mass reach and greater visibility.
  • Loud and clear: Although, mobile van advertising is not ‘in to the face’ kind of promotional tactics but the large size advertising panels on big size vehicles cannot go unnoticed.
  • Cost-Effective: It is certainly one of the most cost-effective outdoor advertising as it offers a package of better visibility, mass reach and effective communication in one vehicle.