Juices, Soups & Soft Drinks

Juices, Soups & Soft Drinks

We know that health is the crucial criteria of every Living   .we want healthy food to maintain good health. As nutritive and hygienic food has direct impact on our health, immune system and physical appearance. Though the need of every individual is more or less the same but they are unable to maintain the gap between their want and what they get. Certainly reasons are infinite weather be it economic, time, geographic location, and environmental conditions and so on. Though problems are many but we should have a positive approach and become solution oriented by thinking of solutions and suggestive ideas.

Yes in this busy life routine in rare cases we have some free time. Along with our busy life schedule we want an easy and healthy living. This interest is safeguarded by the food processing sector. The means of joy and refreshment are juices and soft drink. Soup being nutritive and tasty is very much in demand. Now people are switching to high carbohydrate low fat and low cholesterol level drinks that protects us from several health issues.

Fruit Juices

Fruit Juices seems to be the best substitution of instant nutrition available. Fruits juices being super tasty are very nutritive also juices have antioxidants (that decreased the production of free radicles in body which as a result delays senescence), carotenoids, flavonoids and abundant of vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial for our body. fruit juices improves our immunity .conventionally this was obtained at home by mechanical pressing but now a days it comes packed processed purified and pasteurized form . Which are far safer than the traditional one? The packed juices also have longer shelf life. Many processed forms of fruit juices are available in the market the products like different fruit juices, fruit syrups, nectar ,coconut water , many refreshing drinks like roohafza , squash,  RTS (Ready to serve ) drinks,  different fruit mock tails, soda , energy drinks .

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks refer to those drinks which are usually carbonated but surely non-alcoholic and contains either natural or artificial sweetening agent and flavours edible acids. The flavours that we add to the drink are obtained from fruits and berries pulp or pomace. Due to this reason only milk tea coffee remains out of the soft drink category. These soft drinks are also sometimes observed as a substitute of hard drinking habit. as soft drinks have specific fixed nutritional claim which are low calorie count low fat count low sodium count and strictly no caffeine at all .thus these drinks maintain the Blood pressure level and the cholesterol level .some juices of citrus family like orange lemon have vitamin C acting as powerful immunity booster . Since the 17th century after its discovery it has been used as beverages and since then it has a large share in the food processing sector. Some big soft drink brands are coca cola, Pepsi, Tropicana, maza, paper boat. Making us salivate at any point of time.


Soups term might seems to be like something coming from western countries but originally mention of soup that also of different types are found in Upanishads and Rig-Veda’s . Soups are the liquid foods usually served as hot or cold .soup are made up by combining ingredients of vegetables sometimes meat too. There are two broad classification of soup based on its consistency thick soup or clear soup. Due to addition of vegetables and meat its nutritional quality is generally more than that of soft drinks as discussed above. Soups are preferred when we are unwell due to the facts that the nutritive properties help to rejuvenate the immune system and work more efficiently .now a days we get to see the trend of ready to cook and ready to serve products following the similar trends the soups now too come in form of instant soup mixes. Allowing us to enjoy the taste of soup any time we want.


All the above mentioned products are available both offline and online. In all three sectors a lot of scope is available as a huge market remains unexplored. Manufacturers need to sense the need of the consumers and crater their product accordingly hence a lot of work needs to be done in this sector. We as a company help to distribute your product and assure your sales. Our company focuses on comprehensive marketing strategy. Which includes marketing promotion and branding of your product,   ultimately achieving the sales goal? Our marketing strategy ensures the growth and success of your organisation.