FMCG Distribution in Pune

FMCG Distribution in Pune with Retail Marketing Team

The FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) space in Pune is an ever-changing one, with constant change buffeting the market.

The 2017 market landscape has altered beyond recognition with the advent of digital sales; increased consumer knowledge; health concerns and astounding choice.

Suppliers and Principals alike must be proactive in constantly resetting the course for success, and the best way to maintain a firm grasp on the rudder is to utilise a savvy distributor.

Retail Marketing FMCG Distribution: a vital link in the chain

Retail Marketing help navigate the constant shifts in the FMCG industry, allowing you to make the kind of informed, strategic choices needed for long term profit growth.

In an era where a shopper’s choice is vast, consumer habits and needs are shifting in a way that has never happened before.

Consumers are in a powerful position with more access to options, information and products than ever before, so FMCG groups need a new approach to mass-marketing shopping activities.

Breathing space for the squeezed middle of retail

The consumer market has become increasingly more complicated, with the market splitting into a couple of distinct camps; ‘selectionists’ and ‘survivalists’.

This became clearer after the boom and bust cycle, when value retailers increased their market share as people cut back and sought value.

Survivalists seek to stretch their budget, looking for discounts, offers, lower process and greater convenience.

Selectionists shop in a more discerning way, selecting products they perceive as higher quality or catering for a speciality need.

The result is that the ‘extreme’ ends of the FMCG market – the value discounters and the top-end premium people – invariably find their customer, but the retailers in the middle, along with the suppliers who service them, must take a clever tack to reach and engage consumers.

Guidance and knowledge to maximise growth

Symbol groups and legacy retailers need to make the most of their physical retail space and digital marketing campaigns. They are adjusting their operating models to remain competitive, and distributors are an important resource in the process.

A key to growth in the current retail environment is the ability to predict, and quickly respond to, marketplace opportunities. Understanding consumer appetites and habits and developing the brand portfolio is the path to profitability.

Retail Marketing have a team who spend their days taking the pulse of the market in every area, they can help anticipate and adjust to consumer patterns for effective growth.

Retail Marketing work with retailers to ensure their brand portfolio is always optimised, cleverly mining seams of market characteristics in your locale.

Retail Marketing allows you to make a coherent alignment between the FMCG you carry and your market, so you can respond to the market in a controlled and logical way without time and money on hastily chosen products; fruitless promotions or unpopular brand extensions.

Maintaining and maximising a relevant portfolio of goods allows retailers to position themselves well; facilitating growth without losing their roots.

Retail Marketing makes the connection from Supplier to Retailer to Customer

It’s all about margin, and Retail Marketing engineer a win-win-win scenario for supplier, retailer and customer. In a nutshell, we help suppliers place product in the right stores; help retailers merchandise and develop their product offerings, and allow consumers to find what they need in a store they trust.

Our extensive market knowledge lets you achieve the right balance of product and pricing to realise profit. Using a savvy distributor offers the opportunity to be innovative with new products or use the heft of an existing umbrella brand to explore associated categories, without gambling resources.

Building FMCG brands

Retail Marketing analyses consumer requirements; connection and loyalty in every individual region. For example, we see a global upsurge in small brand popularities, in locally made products, or those with an interesting story; a quirky USP or an attractive brand ‘personality’.

We can identify small brands that deliver big profit, particularly in speciality products where consumer habits are being newly formed now.

We help build a compelling narrative around specialty products to take advantage of consumer interest; we can position premium products to appeal to the customer base, and help develop the efficient small-brand strategies for individual markets.

Building bespoke retail product portfolios

In Pune, where markets vary enormously from one location to the next, product portfolio tailoring is the smart way to do business.

Retail Marketing work with the store team on the ground to sculpt the offerings for the region; develop targeted marketing and offers; customise for local tastes and preferences and capitalise on demand for specific FMCG trends.

Increased awareness on health, nutrition, ethics and sustainability means all products now come under close scrutiny by consumers – so much so that some of the biggest icon brands have altered their product ingredients.

Today’s consumers want to make informed choices, and the best retail strategies facilitate their wishes. Retail Marketing allow you to sharpen your retail strategy to allow:

  • Insight from other areas that can be used in your market
  • Leverage on trends
  • Respond rapidly to shifts in consumer habits
  • Inform or engage the shopper to quickly move product, especially convenience/locally sourced goods


Retail Marketing partner with suppliers to take mainstream grocery, speciality and niche brands to market, and we develop inbound supply chains for principals. We do this for a large network of multiples nationally, offering a complete end-to-end solution for principals and retailers.