Field merchandising refers to the marketing done by the “feet on the street” — sales force members who travel to individual stores to place products and to negotiate for better display presence. … As a result, they lose marketing wars to competitors

Business To Business marketing and Sales Staff

Fulcrum Marketing is a Feet On Street marketing Agency | Feet On Street marketing Agency in Pune ,  Door To Door Marketing Service Provider Agency in pune that provides simple, effective and affordable marketing & brand services.Over the past 10 years, we have evolved from a staffing agency to a full-service retail Store sales Service Provider Agency in , – but our original premise and intentions have never wavered.

Working with our team

Fulcrum Marketing brings a collaborative approach to the development of effective, implementable and sustainable marketing solutions. We deliver the right balance of expertise and real world experience across marketing & brand strategy.

Start Small

We start our relationships with an initial engagement period of three months. We’re confident in our ability to deliver meaningful results for your business and we want you to be convinced before we embark on this journey together.

Define Goals

We need to understand your business and the desired outcomes of our engagement with you. At a granular level we try to define the results you want, understand past efforts and develop a strategy to take your business to the Fulcrum.