Cleaning & Household Marketing

  • Purchasing household items for day-to-day use is a monthly deal, but it is not as simple as just a simple barter for money. While purchasing household products it is very important to be very particular about the quality of the items. At Retail Marketing, you can purchase all the household items online from the comfort of your home. From household appliances to household cleaning products, you can now purchase your household items online . Household items available at our store come in safe packaging materials, making them free from all kinds of adulteration or animal infestation. The household products at our store are user-friendly and free from any toxic ingredients. Retail Marketing entails the best household cleaning products, including glass cleaners, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners and other household cleaning supplies.

Floor Cleaners

There are a variety of disinfectant floor cleaner liquids available in fragrances like lavender, lemon, rose and jasmine. Choose your favourite fragrance disinfectant and keep your floor crystal clear with a 360-degree spinning mop stick. Window Cleaners: Window panes can be spick and span with Collin. Floor cleaners: Floor cleaning is made easy with the spin mops and magic mops available online. Dusters: Microfibre dusters are essentially required for cleaning your bedrooms and its products. Give your products brand new like shine by using the right cleaning equipment. Wet Cloths: Instead of wiping your kitchen counter with a wet cloth which may smell unpleasant use a kitchen surface cleaner for shinier and fresh smelling kitchen. A clean kitchen will give you a boost to explore new recipes.

Bathroom Cleaners

If you are a bathroom singer then you can sound even better when you enjoy a shower in a sparkling clean bathroom. Well, you can achieve this by using branded floor cleaners instead of acid as it may hamper your flooring. Avoid using bleach as it has chemical reactions and awful smell which is hazardous to health when inhaled by children. Use bathroom cleaning products with floor cleaning brush which should be having strong bristles and sturdy handle for efficient cleaning and good grip respectively.

  • Detergents & Dishwash
    Fabric Pre, Post Wash
    Detergent Powder, Liquid
    Dishwash Bars & Powders
    Dishwash Liquids & Pastes
    Detergent Bar
  • Mops, Brushes & Scrubs
    Utensil Scrub-Pad, Glove
    Dust Cloth & Wipes
    Brooms & Dust Pans
    Mops, Wipers
    Toilet & Other Brushes
  • All Purpose Cleaners
    Toilet Cleaners
    Floor & Other Cleaners
    Kitchen, Glass & Drain
    Imported Cleaners
    Metal, Furniture Cleaner




  • Disposables, Garbage Bag
    Garbage Bags
    Wet Wipe, Pocket Tissues
    Kitchen Rolls
    Aluminium Foil, Clingwrap
    Toilet Paper
    Paper Napkin, Tissue Box
  • Bins & Bathroom Ware
    Hangers, Clips & Rope
    Soap Cases & Dispensers
    Buckets & Mugs
    Laundry, Storage Baskets
    Other Plastic Ware
  • Fresheners & Repellents
    Insect Repellent
    Mosquito Repellent
    Air Freshener