• ketchup are used as a condiment. These are widely used to add taste and flavour to your food. Having a bottle of tomato ketchup placed on the dining table is a must. They add extra flavour and taste to our sandwiches, noodles and even with chapati sometimes. Everything goes perfectly with tomato ketchup. Kissan ketchup is a well-known brand in the field of ketchup and tomato sauces. A ketchup bottle is a basic need in every household and therefore we, at Bigbasket, have brought a wide variety of brands of ketchup and sauces. Kissan has got a number of products like kissan pickles, kissan jam, kissan squashes etc. Kissan’s mix fruit jam price is rupees 123/ 500 grams. Pizza is loved by all and especially the youngsters and teenagers.

How are Chutneys consumed

  • Chutneys also act as taste enhancers like pickles. Chutneys can be either sauces or dry bases. They taste great with rolls, sandwiches, momos, and even plain rice and daal. You can either make your own chutney by grinding ingredients with a little bit of water or buy ready-made chutney from retail marketing. A staple of every Indian cuisine, chutneys and pickles inevitably make it to the dining table.