Chocolates, Biscuits & Cookies

Chocolates, Biscuits & Cookies

Chocolate biscuits and cookies the topic itself is so delicious. Since our childhood days the delicacies for us lies in either chocolate or biscuits or cookies. All of them have a worldwide reach. Irrespective of place where it’s cultivated produce. This has only happened because of its awesome taste flavour aroma which forges the huge demand size.  Not only small children but also the elders are found of it. Biscuits I remember were my morning breakfast supplemented with tea or milk. Ether it is rich or poor this product has reached in every hand.


Most widely used as a sweet treat across India and all over the world. This chocolate comes from the cacao plant the chocolate after primary and secondary processing is converted into powder form and by further tertiary processing its best moulded according to its use in different shape and size chocolate. The chocolate being tasty has very beneficial health impacts .its contains flavonoids. Flavonoids have high amount of antioxidants. This helps in delaying the aging. But being sweet we should also take into the account of blood glucose level for diabetic patients. So in general it’s assumed that the tasty food is often unhealthier, but here is the live example that we mentioned. So without wasting much time you must add it to your cart. And enjoy it.


Biscuit comes from a Latin word “biscotum panem” meaning bread twice baked .Biscuits or cookies are small flat and crispy baked product constituted mainly of flour or refined flour sweeteners both natural and artificial, sugar or honey along with flavour and preservatives added to extend its shelf life. There is some difference in cookies and biscuits. Factors affecting them are texture cooking temperature sweeteners and sugar used the composition of all the three can vary considerably depending on the intended use of the customer. Biscuits are hence of hundreds of types like crackers cookies cream biscuits jelly biscuits product ranges are available. Such a huge line-up of products is there that it sometimes become difficult for consumer to choose.


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