• Our branding services don’t have to end with the delivery of your brand guidelines. Because every element of your brand is designed with the future in mind, we often help our clients maximize their brand investment as we support the execution of an integrated marketing strategy. Our B2B marketing consulting services provide your team with the support, alignment and expertise they need to successfully tell your brand story across every relevant channel.
  • Read more about our integrated marketing strategy approach and how we can activate your brand across our core capabilities of public relations, demand generation, web and creative services. And get in touch with our branding experts for a more customized, in-depth perspective.
  • Brand activation is an event, campaign, or any interaction through which a company drives customer actions and aims at generating brand awareness, building lasting relationships with its target audience, and developing customer loyalty. It is engaging and enables customers to interact directly with a certain company.Digital Brand Activation is an online initiative that leverages audience microtargeting and intent-based strategy, to raise brand awareness and drive immediate leads or sales. … It’s similar in feel to an “analog” brand activation,* but, because it’s digital, it’s fast, inexpensive and highly measurable.
  • Brand-activation events are usually one-time affairs that encourage customers or the public to engage with a product or to see the brand in a new way. You might hear them called “experiential marketing,” too. These events (or occasionally stunts) differ by brand and market.1Activations are about coming to your audience and letting them know in a memorable way who you are and why they should support you. Ideally, it generates enthusiasm beyond the moment and leads to action on behalf of your consumers.