Partner Search & Sales Channel Development

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Considering your business objectives in a given market, we present a range of local market entry and expansion approaches to meet your needs.

These may include finding distributors, resellers and franchise partners, to establishing a local part or full time presence via our Sales Representation service.

Where clients want a more formal local presence, our sales and marketing consulting team will help structure and establish the right local entity, we will identify potential partners and/or present suitable organisations.

we will manage your local human resources needs, ensuring you are hiring the right staff, compliantly and not overpaying salaries and benefits.

Once we agree the best market entry plan, we’ll help you implement it, and as your trusted local partner, we’ll be looking after your interests every step of the way.

Finding the right partner, distributor or supplier is crucial. Sannam S4 will identify, develop and manage these local relationships to ensure they continue to add value and operate effectively.

  • Identifying and developing new partners/customers/distributors
  • Identifying new suppliers
  • Maintaining and progressing local relationships with distributors, customers and suppliers
  • Undertaking due diligence (reputational, technical, financial)
  • We deliver:
    • Agent, distributor, customer search and selection
    • Partner search, identification and selection
    • Due diligence on distributors and partners
    • Sales Territory analysis
    • Facilitation of meetings and negotiations (in a culture very different to your own)
    • Facilitation of terms and agreements
    • Compliance, finance and tax

Local Sales Representation

Our local sales representation team is an ideal first step towards setting up a long-term presence in the market. In-Country representation is fully compliant with all local regulations and represents a low risk, cost-effective market-entry platform.

Under this model, dedicated and sector experienced local staff is recruited to your organisation, who will work to your objectives, from one of our world-class offices in the selected market. Client objectives vary, from managing local agents and distributors, partner development, brand building, and reputation management.


Staff Recruitment Services

We identify local talent with the right balance of local knowledge and know how, with the ability of working effectively remotely within a multi-cultural business.

Our recruitment services include

  • Management of the search, interview, shortlist and appointment process
  • Staff recruitment background checks (criminal, reputation and education)
  • Industry benchmarking on salaries, benefits, healthcare and insurance
  • Issuance of offer letter and employment agreements
  • Provision of employment contracts

Our services combine initial recruitment with ongoing HR management support taking away the compliance and administrative burden from our clients.