Edible Salt


Edible Salt Edible Salt is frequently added to various food items in order to improve flavor. Also used for food preservation, edible salt is one of the oldest form of food seasonings. It has iodine content which helps in prevention of goitre and other health problems. Essential minerals in salt help with fluid balance, nerve transmission and muscle function in human body. Become a dealer or distributor of iodized salt, salt, sea salt, black salt, white salt, table salt, kala namak, rock salt, common salt, low sodium salt and many more. For any further detail, please send inquiry.


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Retail Marketing is specialised in selecting the right agent or distributor for your exports. We are active in over 30 city around the Maharashtra. We live there, work there, know the culture and speak the language. And we think from the perspective of the local distributor.


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We have a highly skilled retail sales team who have substantial expertise and specialist knowledge. We cover the whole of the Maharashtra across all trade channels from small independents, wholesale, cash & carry, convenience and food service, and thrive on building strong relationships with all our customers.

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Retail marketing offers support for FMCG manufacturers in their retail strategy development, especially in regards of their positioning with various retailers or route-to-market. Due to our significant retail knowledge we are able to provide investors in manufacturing a different perspective for their sales and marketing strategy and enhance their understanding of the retailers’ needs and targets.


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Food and beverage companies continually face market challenges due to increased demand for new products. Meeting this need must be balanced with maintaining the profitability of core products.

Successful food and beverage marketing includes a comprehensive marketing campaign.

Successful food and beverage marketing includes a comprehensive marketing campaign.retail Marketing  works with your company’s goals and budget to create a customized online marketing plan.



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