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We deliver hyper-local retail marketing and  campaigns with the quality of national advertising. We have access to every retail marketing  channel and Digital marketing Team –  to point of sale delivered by precise location. Data Partners. Hyper-local targeting. Case Studies. Services: Data & Media Partners, Audience Mapping, Data Analysis.

We are a dynamic food marketing agency that transforms ambitious food & drink brands into thriving businesses. We will fatten up your sales faster than you can say: ‘ creating new possibilities and delivering profitable results, in line with your marketing objectives.

Whatever your product or  brand, whatever the campaign, we’ll deliver on what’s important to you, whether that be sales growth, increased brand awareness, education, strategic brand alliances, greater social reach or enhanced engagement with consumers.

Branded food provides you food which tastes great, has all the essential nutrients and is easy to use. While buying branded food you need to be careful about the packing date. Packed foods have a long shelf life but they can be harmful if they are too old. Now our store brings to you the best branded food online from renowned branded food India manufactures. Our products make your meals tastier and healthier in simple preparations. These products are loved by children and adults alike. This helps you prepare the best meal for the whole family. So buy branded and packaged food from our store from the comfort of your homes and enjoy great recipes at a great price.Everyone likes to indulge in a little snack in between their meals. In earlier times, the homemaker used to spend hours making homemade goodies for the family. However, nowadays most women are working as well and cannot afford to spend that time in the kitchen. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. There are several branded foods in the market that sell healthy Indian snacks and other goodies for our consumption. You can find a range of them on Retail Marketing and order snacks online now. When it comes to brands and food products, the list is endless. While there are non-branded products that you may find also, it is always safer to go for well-known brands and products. Bingo snacks is one of the most popular brand among kids. It comes in various varieties and flavours. They are basically corn snacks. Indian snacks are incomplete without chatpata snacks and mixture snacks. Brands like Haldirams has a wide range of these Indian snacks to offer. You can easily find them in any supermarket around you, or even order them online on Retail Marketing.

Indian branded food items

In today’s fast paced and competitive world everyone needs an edge to stay ahead. People give in lot of their time and energy to excel and be the best. But very few people realize the health is the major factor for a successful life. Proper nutrition is essential for a good health and greater efficiency. Branded food products are a great way to maintain a balance between hectic work schedule and proper food habits. branded packaged food in India are very popular in the present times. Branded food in India is becoming a better option for a fast and readymade food as they are quick and easy to prepare. Branded food items includes bread, breakfast cereals, ketchups, dips and spreads, honey and many other such items which make life simpler. Packaged food is stored with preservatives, so they don’t spoil easily. Due to their long shelf life they can be consumed even in remote areas where fresh food is hard to find. Shop from our online store for the best Indian branded food items. We provide high quality branded food products India in reasonable and affordable branded food prices. These products are supplied by the well known branded fast food brands India like Kelloggs, nutella, neo, saffola and many more. Check out our online grocery store to stay fit and healthy with great tasting online food products from best brands of the country.We also have snacks items like lays , pringles and many more items. Snack time is something that everyone looks forward to everyday. Three meals a day is not always enough to keep your energy levels up throughout. A snack in between these meals is the best way to quickly boost your energy amidst a busy working day or school day. When it comes to snack items, the choices are innumerable. From biscuits, chips, chocolates to noodles, sandwiches and more. However, it is extremely important that you incorporate healthy snacks to your daily diet, especially when it comes to snacks for kids.

Popular snacks brands in India

Brands such as lays for chips, maggi for noodles, Nutella and bread for sandwiches and Britannia biscuits are some of the most popular choices of snacks preferred in India. The food and confectionary market is growing by the day all over the world and there is something there for everyone’s liking.With the trends of lifestyle moving towards a healthier life, there are also healthy options available for you. You can find a whole lot of products categorized under high protein snacks, oil free snacks, fat free snacks and low fat snacks. The list of yummy snack options can go on and on, there is something for everyone’s taste and liking. Price and quality are two things that Retail Marketing won’t compromise on and thus it is okay to entirely trust us and make our order on our store. If you are looking to buy food products online, look no more. We have got you covered.

Retail Marketing offers a wide range of branded snacking options to choose from. We understand the importance of quality products and offer only the best available in the market on our platform. It only gets easier with our home delivery system. All you have to do is sit back and order away your snacks on our site, and our efficient delivery team will have them delivered to you in no time. If you are hosting a party at home, Retail Marketing is the best option for you to buy your snacks in bulk. Look out for great discounts, offers and deals on Retail Marketing while ordering online with us.

Our value packs are of great value, especially if you wish to buy in large numbers. Apart from a wide range of global brands selling their snack items in the Indian market, there are also several Indian snacks available. One of the most popular brands selling tasty Indian snacks is Haldirams. Aloo bhujia, namkeen, mixture, boondi, kara sev are some of the most preferred products under the Haldirams brand. These can be found anywhere in the supermarkets around you and are always available to shop for online on Retail Marketing. Another brand that sells south Indian snacks and can be found online on Retail Marketing is Tasties.

It is always better to opt for low calorie snacks or healthy Indian snacks for kids as it is what they eat when they are younger that becomes their lifestyle foods. You can find a whole range of easy snacks for kids online when you shop from Retail Marketing. It could be to either fill your child’s snack box, feed them in the evenings after play time or even for yourself or your family, the options you can choose from are plenitude. While buying online on Retail Marketing, you can look out for great offers, discounts and deals. The value packs and multi-packs are great picks that can be stocked up your shelves for later consumption. The expiry date, logistics and hygiene storing conditions are often a concern when buying packed products. Keep these concerns in mind,

Retail Marketing adheres to some of the best practices for an excellent shopping experience. It only gets better with their delivery system, order your snack now from Retail Marketing and have it delivered at your doorstep.

makeup products online in India from makeup store

makeup products online in India from makeup store

Putting together that perfect look can turn out to be a Herculean task, but we at can help you get started by getting you through the shopping part of the process. Browse beauty store to get all your personal care and beauty essentials from your favourite brands. Go on and scroll through the various categories of make-up and choose from a plethora of makeup essentials. Offered by the best brands in the market, you can now pick makeup for eyes, lips, face, nails and more. Be it a lip crayon by Lakme or a full-fledged makeup pro-kit by GlamGals, it is now easier to achieve that flawless look with just a click of the button. Irrespective of what your beauty regime entails, you can now put it all together right here on our online shopping portal. Scroll through every sub-category and narrow down on the perfect product based on the discount you are looking at, price, brand, reviews and more.
Eye makeup

If you’re looking for that perfect eyeliner or mascara to enhance the expressive dimension of your eyes, the products offered under the eye makeup category on can help you! With a swift movement of your wrist, redefine your eye with the Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. For a smoother and waterproof finish, the BeYu liquid eyeliner is the best pick. Add a splash of colour to your look with Makeup Revolution’s multi-colour eye shadows, which lets you achieve a simple, minimalistic look or a deep, smoky vibe. With ’s list of makeup products for the eye ranging from mascaras and eyeliners to brow pencils and base shades, you can experiment with endless looks, while enhancing the colour and shape of your eyes.
Nail art

Flaunt your unique style statement by showcasing your well-done nails, with the help of the products listed under the Nails category on . Choose from mani-pedi kits to get a quick start on nail care if you are a beginner. For a more seasoned fashionista, the nail art kits will come in handy while you experiment with mixed hues, bases and designs. The expansive catalogue offers nail paints, lacquers, individual top and base coats, removers and more that lets you zero in on the product of your choice. Pick the brands of your choice like Sally Hansen, Kinetics, Lakme and more. Get the best of the best on cosmetic store!
Makeup Accessories

A trade without tools is utterly useless. In the same way, you will need the right accessories and tools to apply your makeup for the ravishing look you wish to flaunt. With an endless list of makeup tools available on the portal, you can now choose from brushes, sponges, applicators, beauty blenders, tweezers and more to perfectly define your look. Dab on some foundation and even it out with Filone’s brush set. Redo your nails by using Kaiv’s nail brush. Accentuate your lips with Kaiv’s lip brush and keep your audience wanting more! It is brushes galore on , where you can pick the right one that serves each purpose. Look for the brand of your choice and the type of tool to fit your budget.

We’re no longer just talking about lip colours! There’s more to elevating the style your lips exude with the help of lip balms, gloss, crème sticks, tints and more. Redefine your lips with an array of lip crayons by Lakme, lip plumper by Note, and more. Treasure this unique facial feature by adding a protective layer of lip balm by Himalaya. Choose the brand of your choice to colour your lips using liquid lipsticks, lip stains, lip liners and more. ’s list of lip products from the top brands will help you retain that perfect puckered pout and enhance those kissable lips!
Makeup kits and gift sets

Every woman’s worst nightmare is to end up with the wrong shade of makeup for their skin tone. Here at , we offer you a range of products that provide distinct details of the colours and ingredients to suit your skin. From gift sets to personal makeup kits for the face, choose from an assortment of moisturisers, foundations, concealers, bronzers, highlighters, blush and more to achieve that perfectly flawless glow! Housing makeup products of over 10 reputed brands, lets you pick the products you wish to compose into a gift basket for your loved ones. Get experimenting with your looks by shopping on our online portal!

Over time, makeup categories and products have evolved to benefit the customers, thanks to technological advancements. Ranging from pigments immersed in water by the vain Egyptians to the contemporary day synthetic pigments and colours, a lot has changed in the world of makeup and fashion. Care for your skin with Panache’s latest blackhead & whitehead remover. Introduce a splendour of colours to your look by experimenting with Revlon’s new range of colour burst lipsticks. Be on top of the nail game by using Panache’s exquisite range of nail files and shiners, and wrap it up with mesmerising nail colours by Juice!

Scroll through the subcategories mentioned on ’s Beauty and Hygiene page to try out the latest products, bestsellers and highly recommended products. A scroll and a click is all it takes to embody the runway look in vogue!
Essential Makeup Tips

While a show-stopper look is what every woman wants, you can’t achieve this look without learning the basics. Create a basic makeup routine using the products featured on that will revamp your entire look. Try out a few style hacks that will get your red-carpet ready in a matter of minutes. Always remember that great makeup starts with great skincare. Prepping your skin with moisturisers and a primer is key to a flawless base. This also helps you turn a dull office look into a dazzling date night look! Even pro makeup artists make mistakes during application. What’s the solution you ask? Dab a Q-tip into lotion and erase the error. Voila! You can now experiment without any fear. Learn more tricks of this trade by scrolling through ’s blog posts on beauty and makeup!
Why Choose ?

The makeup game is getting bigger and much better with time. With a countless number of brands targeting various groups of people across the globe, it was once truly a competitive strain to get the best products. Fret no more as offers a range of beauty, hygiene and makeup products at the tip of your fingertips. A budding yet proficient cosmetics online shopping space, our portal offers the top brands and the best quality of products for every kind of makeup you are looking for. Click on the products of your choice and enjoy a one-day delivery process on most items, or a guaranteed 2-3 days delivery timeline for the remaining products! Happy shopping!


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