Retail Organisational Management Structure

Off By RetailMarketing

Does your retail organisational structure reflect your company’s goals and targets?

A very revealing test to make on your retail organisational structure is to ask your self which areas of your business matter the most to your success?

For some organisations it’s the product range, for some it’s locations or pricing – whatever it is, the most critical next question is: do I have the best person to manage that activity and are they empowered and supported with all necessary resources to ensure best results?

If you have even the slightest doubt, you are putting your business at risk!

Many organisations outgrow their management structures several times in the life of the company, and sometimes don’t recognise it on time due to preoccupation with operational tasks. Good businesses go bad when the organisation starts to conflict with itself! Buying, sales and marketing departments don’t necessarily have the same idea of what success looks like, so if not structured properly, even mistakenly they ruin each others plans.

This checklist of services offered by Retail Marketing can help you cover all issues around organisational structure:

  • Senior management evaluation and benchmarking to best practice standards
  • Management organigram to ensure goals of the business are achieved
  • Responsibility matrix organising who is responsible for what
  • Job descriptions indicating clear position expectations, authority levels and communication partners
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) targeting for continuous improvement in management roles
  • Bonus schemes designed to incentivise improvement

Retail Marketing is experienced in evaluating management teams and their structures against best practice standards. In particular FRC can give advice on whether growth plans can be realised with the existing setup.

This is vital for ensuring that the organisation is in a position to meet the latest goals of the business. We partner with specific executive search firms for recruitment in each geography locally where a deficiency is identified.