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Will additional promotions work cost effectively? Do your consumers understand what your business stands for?

These are everyday questions for a retailer, which the answers are sometimes guessed!

Retail marketing activities and spend should have a clear goal! It could be to create more in-store traffic or drive customer basket spend – whatever the goal, it needs to be identified upfront, otherwise you can waste a lot of money (FRC demonstrated to one client how it literally wasted 30% by delivering childrens products leaflets to customers who lived in retirement homes!).

Marketeers must make effective use of communications to ensure existing customers are retained and new customers are won from competitors. The choices of promotional tactics are influenced by factors such as the competitive retail environment, the profit margin on sales, the budget available and of course the best way to reach a specific audience. The success of a retail marketing project is defined by calculating the additional sales achieved and gain in market share, compared to the cost of the marketing activity. Being able to make sense of this comparison of cost and activity is particularly important to ensure every marketing campaign is a learning process making sure future spend is effective.

Our retail marketing services are designed to increase your sales!

Following services are offered by FRC in the field of retail marketing services:

  • Ensuring effective pricing communication
  • Developing an effective marketing calendar, including promotion cycles and event relevance
  • Effective merchandising strategies to coordinate with marketing activities
  • Revision of existing or creation of new loyalty programmes
  • E-commerce integration, including pricing strategy compared to “bricks and mortar” pricing
  • Development of concepts for new business segments and integrating them in the current company structure
  • Private label branding, communication and quality positioning
  • Development of Vision, Mission and Values statements for external corporate or internal communication

Retail Marketing Retail most frequently requested project for marketing is the range of activities undertaken by a retailer to promote greater awareness of the brand and its products, in order to increase sales.