Shanaya Halad Powder

Turmeric powder is recognised by its bright yellow colour. The turmeric powder does not only bring flavor to the food but also gives a unique colour to the food. Many times artificial colour is added to the powder but at Shanaya Masale we do not use any artificial colouring agent, to make the powder look more bright.

We use the traditional method to make the powder. Right from sweating, curing, drying and grinding.

Our team processes the wet turmeric so well that we do not find the need to add any colouring agents to make the turmeric powder more bright. So without any hesitation order and try turmeric powder of Shanaya Masale.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Kilogram
BrandShanaya Masale
Masala TypeShanaya Halad Powder
Packaging Size200g
Shelf Life12 Months