Shanaya Chaat Masala

Shanaya Chaat Masala is a HOT & TANGY SPICE MIX. A sprinkle of this salty, tangy, spicy, earthy, pungent, lip smacking spice mix peps up a fruit salad or garden salad. Chaat Masala is the model Indian spice blend, a tangy condiment that perks up the flavors of salads, fruit, grilled fish and meats, potatoes, legumes and other vegetables. It’s a staple in almost all Indian street foods such as Dahi Vada or Paalak Patta Chaat.
We Indians relish it sprinkled on our snacks or adding it to our beverages such as a chilled glass of Lemonade. It is pretty much an all-purpose Indian seasoning. It’s a handy ingredient for any recipe when you want to add a bit of fruity tartness without additional liquid. Shanaya Chaat Masala is the way you like it…..basic and simple.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Kilogram
BrandShanaya Masale
Masala TypeShanaya Chaat Masala
Packaging Size200g
Shelf Life12 Months