Off By RetailMarketing

Retail Marketing Solutions provides a complete logistics package for all its suppliers, with an all-encompassing solution including warehousing, full stock management and real-time inventory updates all through Allegro supply chain partner Pulse Logistics who have the comprehensive logistics capability to provide excellent service to all retailers throughout Ireland, meeting demand with timely delivery. Retail Marketing Team work closely with suppliers to manage the retail distribution through the entire supply chain, handling everything from order processing to coordinating warehouse procedures.

Pick, pack and storage

Pulse Logistics have purpose-built warehouse facilities and the technology to provide a streamlined order processing and distribution service. In addition, Retail Marketing Team operate a van fleet to provide swift fulfilment and demand-reactive delivery where needed.

Full Product Traceability

From manufacture to shelf, the system allows complete product traceability immediately accessible to our team at all times.

Product recall

A detailed administration system with accurate data provides the ability to immediately implement an enact product recall should it be required.