Retail Turnarounds

Off By RetailMarketing

A retail turnaround is vital for a business that is no longer generating the budgeted profits! Or worse, losing money!

Are you an owner, investor or CEO and are looking to reposition your retail business?

We can help! We provide an objective, unattached view of what needs to be changed, coupled with hands on turnaround experience. Retail Marketing Team uses the following methods to generate practical solutions:

  • Benchmarking best practices and analysing why there is a gap between actual and budgeted performance
  • Developing cost control budgets which are practical and radical enough to prevent insolvency to fit immediate and future revenue stream.
  • Immediate action plans to achieve new budgets, including some FRC partners performing short term interim management
  • Creating a solid operational strategy (or re-evaluating an existing one to fit the new revenue expectations)
  • Complete restructuring of the organisational structure, including current management evaluation, responsibility matrix and job descriptions
  • Forming a project management team to lead the turnaround
  • … or supporting an existing management to ensure change and restructuring is driven through

We at Retail Marketing Team are experts in evaluating and implementing turnaround situations. We know how to conserve resources, we know how to restructure overheads and teams and we know how to identify new strategies, which will set a retail business going in a positive direction. When a retail business is in trouble, fast and decisive action is required. Retailers go bankrupt slowly, slowly, suddenly! They just run out of money to pay staff and suppliers. Retail Marketing Team will react fast when engaged in a turn around situation, creating a business plan that first creates some head room to reverse the problem of reducing cash flows and then designs a process of changing business direction. If a business is in our opinion unfixable, we will say it at the preliminary investigation point!