Retail Distribution

Off By RetailMarketing

Retail Marketing partner with suppliers to take mainstream grocery, speciality and niche brands to market.

We tailor inbound supply chains for principals to a large network of multiples throughout Ireland and manage every element to provide principals and retailers with a complete end-to-end solution.

This optimises the supply chain in a cost-effective manner; maintains efficient stock flow and turnover. New brands can be tested in-store, cost effectively and customers drawn to your various fixture displays in store while new brands are being trialed.

Customer Support

The Retail Marketing team is close-knit and customer focused. Our model allows us to provide a personalised service for each store; swift reaction time and a problem-solving approach.
We partner with people and build relationships, backing up our commitments with administration, fulfilment and processing you can rely on.

Market Insight

We work closely with retailers to determine levels for category management and range; analysing efficacy of pricing and promotional strategies and consumer trends.Our goal for both supplier and retailer, simply put, is to get enough of the right product into the right shops at the right time.

Supply Chain Management

Retail Marketing help suppliers determine and manage the most effective route to market using our large network of sources. We partner with them to aid sales forecasting, stock allocation and replenishment, product promotions and order fulfilment.

Expertise and Experience

Our team have years of experience in the intricacies of timely distribution, built on trust and reliability. Our strong product range and market knowledge means success for supplier and retailer.
We understand regional market demands, analysing consumer behaviour and can respond quickly to capitalise on trends. Timing is key with inventory availability, and we have vans on the road to allow stock top-up outside of fixed delivery schedules so retailers can stay ahead of the game.

Products for the perfect fit at the right time

We engage closely with each supplier to forecast resources to match seasonal demand. We work with the retailer to plug in appropriate suppliers for in-store promotional opportunities to fit.
We have the knowledge and capacity to implement and manage retailers’ supply chain, and do so successfully with major multiples throughout the country.

Brand Building

We work directly with retailers to market and promote products from our suppliers, collaborating on marketing strategies within the retail promotional calendar to drive sales. We work with stores to create marketing messages and develop display solutions to attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

Accurate Analytics

Detailed information and analytics systems allow reports on sales via pivot tables which provide real-time information on product performance, location, rate of purchase, by account, by area, value and volume, by rep, by region, by customer. This detail assists greatly on trends and performance in different channels and categories. This allows informed ordering decisions and timely response to market conditions.