Product Supply

Off By RetailMarketing

Retail Marketing Team manage the supply chain from manufacturers and suppliers to distribution and retailers for optimal costs, accuracy and delivery.

Demand Forecasting

We help forecast levels of demand for all goods to maintain appropriate stocking levels, working with purchase managers to take into account seasonality; promotions; market trends; and all of the potential variations involved in maximising brand sales.

Stock Management

Accurate forecasting allows improved production and buying; reduces the chances of out of stock/overstock issues and keeps inventory levels well balanced.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows increased control and efficiency; fast transaction processing and information access. All information such as purchase orders; inventory management, payables/receivables and other relevant data is accurately captured and updated.

This fully-compliant EDI solutions deliver an end-to-end, seamlessly integrated and automated process for all trading partners. It eliminates duplication of work; reduces errors and provides an efficient network for all elements of the supply chain.

Delivery to Fixed Schedule

We provide timely delivery to a fixed schedule to suit all retailers. We also have the capacity to immediately respond to additional or unforeseen demand and provide product, or trial product based on local demand, as required.

For Suppliers

If you are seeking to introduce your brand to the Irish market, or increase sales and presence of current brands, TBS experienced team is extensively networked within the Irish retail sector to provide excellent access for your speciality products.

We will help sell, coordinate warehouse and distribute your product through the various dynamic sales teams available and efficient, accurate supply chain. We offer strategic account management with marketing support and targeted promotional activity in conjunction with retail calendars and planograms.