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“We focus on helping FMCG Companies establish a scalable organization through the combination of sales process, sales channel development,Marketing Strategy,Technology integration and best sales practice..”

                                                                Dilip Bhosale



           A leading beverage company turned to Retail Marketing
   to help improve go-to-market,increase local channel,inccrease par 
revenue and reduce the cost per promotional item during a time of
rapid market changes, including new competitors and customer challenges.


All FMCG Product

The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods FMCG market is highly competitive. It always has been but recently the challenges have grown at an alarming rate. Many segments are saturated. Brands are competing strongly for retail shelf space and increased market share.

Foods and Beverages

We deliver solutions that help the food industry and beverage manufacturers drive growth through new product innovation. Food and beverage companies continually face market challenges due to increased demand for new products.

HouseHold Product:

Household Product is the most demanding category and is increasing exponentially in the past few years with population growthg household products.While purchasing household product it is very important to be very particular about the quality of the items.

Personal Care:

The numbers of personal care products in India have been increasing significantly with popular international brands and many new local brands coming up too. With changing trends and people becoming more conscious about styling and looks, the market for products.

Our Key Capabilities:

Strategic Sales Consulting

Retail Marketing as Sales Partners is a strategic sales consulting firm that helps companies accelerate their growth by optimizing sales process, team, and tools. As an ROI-driven team, we assess, build, and deliver high-impact sales solutions designed to produce measurable results.

Marketing strategy

By working with entrepreneurs and managers, Retail Marketing works seamlessly to develop marketing strategies for small businesses that are destined for high growth and ensures that they are implemented to maximize sales opportunities and deliver the right support for your sales team.

Go To Market Strategy

If you are a recently funded startup, we will help you create and test a comprehensive go-to-market strategy designed to rapidly maximize success with target customers and drive early reference wins.

New Product Launch

If you are a company with a robust sales team and want to launch a new product or service, we can help your team plan, test and implement creative strategies designed to accelerate growth without distracting your existing team.


We can only be successful and profitable if we make you and your brand successful and profitable. Retail distribution is the ultimate in symbiotic relationships, and should result in a win-win-win for supplier; distributor and retailer.

Digital Strategy

Strategic digital marketing campaigns to increase your online sales. It’s simple, a good online experience is one where the consumer happily does what you want them to do, returns to do it again and tells other people to do it. helping you build an effective e-commerce marketing strategy.