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Tea Online

Tea Online

Just as how breakfast is an important meal, Tea for some people is also equally important to charge up their mornings and to keep them fueled throughout the day. Apart from charging you up instantly with every morning cup, tea also has its own health benefits that one can benefit from. Some of the benefits that can be obtained from drinking tea are; antioxidants present in tea help slows down aging, tea has less caffeine than coffee, tea helps you keep hydrated, tea promotes a calmer and alert mind, it lowers levels of stress hormones, it helps ease out headaches and irritability, chances of reduced risk of heart attacks and strokes, helps in reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure, it aids in digestions, reduces stomach cramps and many more health benefits.

Teas can either be had with or without milk. Some flavours are tea are best enjoyed without any milk or sugar and just with water, whereas few others can be enjoyed with milk. Some of the types of teas available are organic tea, white tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, matcha tea, organic green tea, matcha green tea and fruit infused tea flavours.

The tea brands in India that can be found on are 24 Mantra, Apollo Life, Apollo Pharmacy, Conscious Foods, Eco Valley, Fadbox.In, Girnar, Hasmukh, Kanwal Foods, Lemor, Lipton, Tata Tea, Mamaearth, Marvel Tea, Mittal Teas, Organic India, Phalada Pure & Sure, Radhikas, Red Label, Society Tea, Sunshine Tea, Taj Mahal, Tata Tea Agni, Tata Tea Gold, Tata Tea Premium, Te-A-Me, Tea Culture Of The World, Teabox, Teamonk Global, Tetley, True Elements, Twinings, Typhoo, Vikram, Wagh Bakri And Zandu.

One of the best tea brands available in the market is by Tata. Tata produces various different types of tea such as leaf tea, dust tea, green tea, flavoured tea and many more which comes in powder, leaf and tea bags form. Tata tea price ranges from Rs.99 for a 250 gm Teaveda pouch, Rs.210 for 500 gm premium leaf tea, Rs.776 for 2 x 1kg premium leaf tea and Rs.387 for a 1 kg Tata tea gold pack. Other than Tata, the few other popular brands of tea are Red Label, Twinings and Taj Mahal.

Login to now and order tea online from our vast variety of Indian tea for your rejuvenating morning cup of fuel!

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