Shanaya Kanda Lasun Masala

Kanda Lasun Masala is one of the most significant offerings from Kolhapur cuisine. Shanaya Kanda Lasun Masala can be used with many Kolhapuri recipes like Tambda rassa, Kala rassa and vegetarian delights like Kolhapuri Misal. Highly flavoured, strong, spicy and yet earthy flavours of this mix will add great flavour to daily meals and leave you smacking your lips, wanting more.

A appetizing spicy mix that will make ordinary taste extraordinary! Shanaya Kanda Lasun Masala is a superior mix of Farm Fresh Chilli, Onion and Garlic along with other important ingredients, which delivers on its promise of being an awesome ingredient to your homely preparations.Shanaya Kanda Lasun masala or Kaandha Lasun masala is a must for making a lot of Kolhapuri dishes.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Kilogram
BrandShanaya Masale
Masala TypeShanaya Kanda Lasun Masala
Packaging Size200g
Shelf Life12 Months


Onion ,Red Chilli ,Coriander seeds ,Salt, Garlic ,Ginger ,White Sesame seed ,Refined oil ,Cloves ,Black Peppercorn ,Cinnamon ,Bay leaf.