The Marketing Challenge

  • Communication has never been easier than in today’s marketplace. Branding, advertising, and promotions are everywhere and on everythingfrom the fruit we eat, to ads in public washrooms.   
  • Yet, getting your company’s marketing message across has never been more difficult. The “noise” level has become a din; loud, cacophonous and relentless. And then came the Internet and websites and SEO, PPC, email, social media, video, etc., etc. 
  • Does this mean that traditional marketing tools are now dead? Ineffective? Irrelevant? Absolutely not! To rise above the noise level in your marketplace and within your sector, your marketing strategy needs the alchemy of both digital and traditional marketing—Tradigital Marketing.

How We Can Help

We’ll work with you to select the most effective strategies that harmonize both digital and traditional marketing tools to become a cohesive power house. The process is simple.  

We analyze your:

  • Products/services
  • Business sector
  • Targetted customers and prospects

We then bring It all together to create:

  • Well-formed marketing strategy
  • Clear, concise messaging and arresting visual presentation
  • Integrated and consistent multi-channel messaging
  • Sustained marketing push in frequency and duration
  • Effective measurement and tracking of message reception among audiences